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Being An Atheist Isn’t Bad For Your Mental Health, New Study Says

rtr306g5[1]Analyzing answers provided by a large and diverse group of participants, it finds “secular and religious adherents have similar levels of mental health.”

Secular Addiction Recovery Group Celebrates 30 Years of Support April 25

Secular Organizations for Sobriety is celebrating its 30th year of providing nonreligious, science-based support for those seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

10 Egregious Myths the Religious Perpetuate About Atheists, Debunked

david_brooks-620x412[1]Nonbelievers do not lack a basic moral code — despite what the likes of David Brooks might have you believe.

China’s Atheism Notwithstanding, Researcher Notes Worldwide Religious Trend

Noting a growing “trend of religious youth globally,” a noted statistician has predicted a rise of religion worldwide.

Will We See a Humanist in Congress in 2016?

raskin-300x267[1]It is expected that Sen. [Jamie] Raskin will formally announce his bid for the 8th Congressional District in Maryland this month.

Is America Beginning to Accept Atheists?

Inclusive policies for atheists, along with growing media attention and the rising number of religiously unaffiliated populations in the US, may herald the start of a shift in how America perceives those who don’t believe in God.

Pope Accepts Resignation of U.S. Bishop Who Failed to Report Abuse

635651969957819668-AP-Catholic-Bishop-Charged[1]The Vatican on Tuesday said the pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Robert Finn, who led the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri.

John Travolta Defends Scientology, Explains Why Religion Is Targeted by Critics

Scientology isn’t controversial—at least, not if you ask John Travolta. So why is the religion often scrutinized? “Mostly because it’s not understood,” the 61-year-old actor and outspoken Scientologist explained.

Questions Swirl Around Issue of Faith and Facial Hair

B9317033224Z.1_20150418172901_000_GJIAH1NJT.1-0[1]Specific facial hair policies are in place for people attending and teaching at Brigham Young University, as well as for LDS missionaries.

A Hip-Hop Star and an Academic Offer to School Anyone on Religion

The class is taught by a professor of religious studies and a rapper who ask students to look at the parallels, and the tensions, between the two disparate worlds.

How to Handle Doubts about Evolution, Global Warming, Multiverses: Teach the Controversy!

Teach-the-Controversy-300x231[1]When you encounter people with views you think—you know!–are wrong, what do you do? Demand that they shut up? Tell them they’re ignorant and stupid?

Can Religion and Politics Mix — For Good, Not Evil?

Religion and politics are assumed to be a dangerous brew, volatile to the point of murderous. And judging by current events in the Middle East and elsewhere, that may well be true.

How Does Separation of Church and State Affect Women?

17514968-mmmain[1]Annie Laurie Gaylor has spent decades pushing for greater separation of church and state — and that, she said, involves removing religious dogma from law-making.

Letter – Religion and Government Should Not Mix

I am always perplexed by the points of view of serial letter writers, particularly those who claim to embrace Christianity, who complain about government programs that help the poor and the needy.

Top Muslim Body, Egypt Condemn Ethiopia Christians Killings

Part-NIC-Nic6399328-1-1-0[1]The Islamic State released a 29-minute video on Sunday purportedly showing the executions, with one group of men being beheaded by masked militants on a beach and another group being shot in the head in a desert area.

US Anger Over IS ‘Atrocity’ Against Christians in Libya

The United States condemned the “brutal mass murder” of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya following a video released by Islamic State militants purportedly showing their execution.

Oklahoma Satanist Hopes to Hand Out Book at School

AhrimaniEnlightenment[1]As various religious groups are testing what religious liberty really means, tensions are flying high in the Oklahoma.

Attitudes on Same-sex Marriage by Religious Affiliation and Denominational Family

Findings from PRRI’s American Values Atlas, which draws on 40,000 interviews among a random sample of Americans, provides the most in-depth portrait to date of attitudes on same-sex marriage by religious affiliation.

The Power of Prayer and Boobs

selfie2[1]One of the common not so philosophical but sometimes pseudo-scientific arguments Christians use when asked why they believe in god is “the power of prayer.”

The Best (and Worst) Countries for Religious Freedom

A new study from the Pew Research Center unveiled the countries across the world with the most religious freedom, and found that Brazil leads the way with “virtually no measurable restrictions on religious freedom.”

Why Shroud of Turin’s Secrets Continue to Elude Science

02ashroudofturin.adapt.352.1[1]As the venerated relic goes on public exhibition, its origin remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Biblical Family Values

Jacob had not only two wives, but he also got his two servants pregnant with his wives blessing. Abraham too gets his slave pregnant and seems unconcerned when she and his son are banished.

Pat Robertson: ‘Big Daddy’s Home! Wham!’

Notoriously addled butt munch Pat Robertson took a question today from a woman worried about her 11-year-old son who “started listening to music that speaks of the ‘beast within’ and the ‘infection in people.'”