Afghanistan’s Religious Landscape: Politicizing the Sacred

America: A Secular Nation? (Ten Point Vision Finalist)

Americans: The Atheist Nation?

American Theocracy (RT TV)

American Theocracy: Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money

The Approach of the Halakah and Sharia’ to Contemporary Legal Issues

Atheist Experience, #571: Dominionism and Reconstructionism

Bill Maher: Why Do Christian Conservatives Love Israel?

Birth of Israel – Birth of a Nation

Can Islam and Democracy Coexist?

Chris Hedges: American Fascists – The Christian Right vs. USA

The Christian Right Takeover of America (Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio)

Christian Theocracy: GOP Dream?

Christopher Hitchens vs. Peter Hitchens: God and War (Debate)

Civil Society, Peace-Building and Education

Conference on Religion and the Global Politics of Human Rights

Democracy or Theocracy?

Discovering Religion: Episode 19 – If America Became a Christian Nation

D.L. Hughley: Frank Schaeffer (Author of “Crazy for God”) on What’s Left of the GOP

Domestic Violence, Shari’a & Women’s Rights

Duck Commander Phil Robertson: This Country Needs More Jesus

The End of Christian America

The Family – Theocracy in America Exposed

Far-Right-Wing Holy Terror:
Hitler’s 3rd Reich to Christian Fundamentalists in USA

Fighting the Faith – USA

The History of the Middle East Conflict in 11 Minutes

Hitchens ’04: Genocide, Bamiyan, Buddha, Taliban, Al Queda, Rwanda

Hitchens ’09: Israel, Palestine & Zionism

Hitchens ’09: Putin’s Russian Theocracy

An Honest Israeli Jew Tells the Real Truth About Israel

How to Fight Unconstitutional Prayer in Your High School

The Infiltration of Christanity: Dominionism (Paul & Phillip Collins)

In God We Trust?

Inside the Taliban

Iran’s Islamic Revolution

Is Christianity Good for American Politics?

Islam, Constitutions, and Durable Democracy:
The Cases of Iraq and Afghanistan

Islam, Democracy, and Religious Authority

Islamic Law (Shari’a) and U.S. Foreign Policy

Islamic Legal Philosophy

Islam vs. Islamists

The Israel Lobby

The Israel Lobby in the U.K.

Israel / Occult Zionism: Hell on Earth (WW3/NWO)

Israel vs. Palestine 

Is Religion Controlling U.S. Politics?

Is Theocracy Coming to the USA?

Making Peace Among Arabs and Israelis

Meeting the Taliban

Missing Links – Jewish Terrorism

Occupation 101

The Other Israel (The Hidden Truth of Judaism)

Our World: Iran’s Secret Army

Radical Islam

Religion in Israeli Society, Politics, and Foreign Policy

Republican Theocracy

Revelle Forum: Kevin Phillips on Religion, Oil, and Debt

The Rise of American Fascism

Sharia Law

Sharia Law: Theocracy or Democracy? (w/ Dr. Sherman Jackson)

Sherman Jackson on Islam and Liberal Democracy

Taliban: Behind the Masks

The Thaw: Christian Children Making an “Army” to Create American Theocracy

The Thaw: Hypocrisy At Its Best

The Thaw: My Take

The Thaw: Without Thought

Theocracy and Democracy in Islam and Christianity

Theocracy, Democracy, and the Conservative Consolidation in Iran

Theocracy in America (Ten Point Vision Finalist)

Theocracy Now! At the Value Voters Summit 2007

Theocracy Watch: Dominion Theology

Theocratic Pity Party, aka “The Thaw”

Total Control of the United States: The Israeli/Jewish Lobby

True Origins of the Religious Right

The Truth About the Lunatic Religious Right in America

Turning America Into a Christian Theocracy

U.S. Policy in the Arab World: Perspectives from Civil Society

Vali Nasr Discusses Shi’ites in the Middle East

War on Al Qaeda

What Does the Christian Right Want?
Chris Hedges on American Fascists (2007)

The Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy

Worldwide Zionist Domination (Christopher Jon Bjerknes)

Zappa Defines “Fascist Theocracy”

The Zionist Matrix of Power

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