Bizarre Beliefs – Cults and the Occult

Charles Manson Interview (w/ Charlie Rose)

Charles Manson Interview (w/ Dianne Sawyer)

Charles Manson Interview (w/ Geraldo Rivera)

Charles Manson Interview (w/ Penny Daniels)

Charles Manson Interview (w/ Ron Reagan Jr.)

The Cult: Heaven’s Gate

Dr. Robert J. Lifton on Destructive Cults

Evil Cult Leaders

The Exclusive Brethren

Exposing Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Hare Krishna Cult (BBC)

Heaven’s Gate (Documentary)

Heaven’s Gate Cult – Inside Story

I Escaped a Cult (National Geographic, 2012)

Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult Exposed

A Jehovah’s Witness Secret

Jello Biafra Interviews the UFO Cult Unarius

Jim Jones Cult: 900 People Dead, But Did You Know…

Jim Jones – Jonestown: Nightmare in Paradise

The Jonestown Death Tape (FBI, Nov. 18, 1978)

The Jonestown Massacre

Jonestown: The Life and Death of People’s Temple

Mein Kampf: The Story of Adolf Hitler (History Channel)

The Real Story of Ruby Ridge, Idaho (Aug. 21, 1992)

Ruby Ridge

Separate Lives – Exclusive Brethren in Australia

Sunday Night – Inside Australia’s Chilling New Cult

The Truth About Jonestown

UFO Cults

The Unexplained – UFO Cults

Vissarion: Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus

Waco: A New Revelation

Waco: The Big Lie Continues

Waco: The Rules of Engagement

Waco Siege (1993)

Waco: The Survivors’ Story (Discovery Channel)

Watchtower Pedophilia: Witness for the Prosecution (Dateline)

The Watchtower Society & Occult Connections

Women and Religious Cults

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