1 Corinthians 13

Anatomy of an Atheist

Animated Kids Bible: Genesis 1 – Creation

Animated Kids Bible: Genesis 4 – Rain of Fire

The Backwater Gospel

The Bald Avenger

Banned Mormon Cartoon

Bible Slavery: Totally Different

Bible Verses Never Read in Church

Biblical Baby Mamas

Biblical Marriage: Rape Your Way In, Stone Your Way Out

The Book of Job

Christianity Debate

Christian Justice

Christians Say the Dumbest Things

Comedy for Atheists: Creationism

Comedy for Atheists: Everyone’s a Sinner

Comedy for Atheists: Family Values

Comedy for Atheists: The Great Flood

The Creation

Dead Life

Double Standard

The Evolution of Satan in the Bible

Foreskin Follies

Forgiveness, Grace, and God’s Death Sentence

Freedom to Force Religion

Futurama Logically Proves God Has No Free Will

Get Educated About Homosexuality

The God (by Konstantin Bronzit)

God Answers the Dinosaur Question

God Goes on a Mass Murder Spree

God’s Voice, Abraham, and Child Murder

The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible
Daniel and the Lion’s Den

David and Goliath

Joseph and His Brothers

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

The Nativity

Noah’s Ark

Queen Esther

Samson and Delilah

Hands Off!

How God Favors Evil

How I Gave Up Religion

How the Bible Says to Investigate a Murder

If Atheists Acted Religious

If Atheists Went to Heaven

If Man Obeyed God

I’ll Believe in God When This Happens

Islam and the Big Bong Theory

Louis C.K. – God is Like a Shitty Girlfriend

Messed-up Bible Stories

Metalpocalypse (Adult Swim)
Atheist Church

Christian Rock

Church of Satan

God Helps Us All If We Fail to Meet It

Good Christian Programming

I’d Rather Die Than Go to Heaven

Murderface & the Church

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark: God, Giraffes, & Genocide

A Personal Relationship with Jesus

Quiz Show: Bible Contradictions

Quiz Show: Hitler the Atheist?

Religion: Why It Can Be Hard to Change Your Mind

Sodom and Gomorrah

South Park: Foundation of Mormonism and Joseph Smith

South Park: Richard Dawkins – What If You’re Wrong?

Special Investigation: Atheist Alert

Star Wars and Noah’s Ark

The Story of Creation

The Story of Suzie

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments: The Basis of Our Laws and Morals

The Thing God Doesn’t Know

The Unreliable Birth Story of Jesus

What If You’re Wrong?

What Mormons Really Believe

What Would Jesus NOT Do?

What Would Yahweh Do?

Xenu and an Illustrated History of Scientology

Yahweh’s Amazing Test

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