Banned Mormon Cartoon (Extended Version)

Chased Out of Mormonism

Diary of an Ex-Mormon

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon

A Former Mormon Professor Takes Us Inside Mormonism

Grant Palmer: My Ah-Ha Moments While Researching Mormon History

The Heretic’s Guide to Mormonism (w/ David Fitzgerald)

Journey of Faith (Book of Mormon Documentary)

The Life of Jesus Christ (LDS Movie)

The Lost Book of Abraham
Investigating a Remarkable Mormon Claim

The Mexican/Mormon War (Vice)

Mormonism Disproved in 3 Minutes

The Mormon Mount

Mormons & Their Secret Temple Rites Exposed

Mormon Secrets: Temple Rites Exposed (Ex-Mormons United)

Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony (Hidden Camera)

Origins of Mormonism Debunked

Secrets of the Mormon Cult: Breaking Polygamy (20/20)

The Stories of the Wives of Joseph Smith

Temple Secrets of the Mormons

Things You Don’t Know About: The Mormons (History Channel)

The Truth About Mormon Temple Garments

The Untold Story of the Death of Joseph Smith

Why Our Family Left the Mormon Church

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