Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Egypt and the Alternative Story of Mankind’s Origins

Ancient Egypt: The Real Life of an Egyptian

Ancient Giants – Suppressed Archaeology

Ancient Greeks: Who Were They?

[Part 2 is available only on Youtube]

Ancient Religion History and Spirituality in Europe (Signs Out of Time)

Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization

Atlantis: Lost World

The Buddha

DNA Mysteries: The Search for Adam (National Geographic)

Forbidden Knowledge: Machines of the Ancient Orient

Greek Mythology: Gods and Godesses

The Hidden History of the Human Race (w/ Klaus Dona)

History of Britain: Life Before the Romans

Is Rama Just a Myth, or Really a Historical Figure?

Krishna: History or Myth

Legacy: The Origins of Civilization

The Life of Buddha

The Lost World of Atlantis (History Channel)

Lost Worlds: Persepolis

Mesopotamia: Secrets of the Forgotten Empire of Mesopotamia

Myths of Mankind: The Mahabharata

The Olmecs: Secrets of the Ancient Olmecs

Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time

Religions of the World: Hinduism

Secrets of China’s Ancient Pyramids

Secret Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Story of God (BBC)

What the Ancients Did For Us: The Aztecs, Maya, the Incas

What the Ancients Did For Us: The Indians

What the Ancients Knew: India (Discovery Channel)

What Vedanta (Hinduism) Teaches

Zarathushtrian Religion, Philosophy, and History

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