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2019 Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship Contest

The contest is open to all high school juniors and seniors, and there are no religious requirements. Essays must be postmarked by March 8, 2019 to be considered. bjconline.org

Coming Out as an Atheist Pastor Has Consequences — But You Can Help

Pat Green is a former pastor who walked away from his well-paying career and everything that came with it, choosing honesty over a buck, and began his secular life around the same time his son came out as transgender. patheos.com

Evolution Is Still True, but…

…50 years after the infamous “monkey law” was struck down, anti-evolution fanatics continue to fight it, in ever sneakier ways. blogs.scientificamerican.com

COMMENTARY: Religious Debate in School? No: Teachers Are There to Teach, Not Preach

An elementary schoolteacher walks around her classroom in Louisiana asking each of her young students what they want to pray for, they bow their heads and she recites a Christian prayer. But not all of her students are Christian. Do they opt out and risk being ostracized? orlandosentinel.com

Is Josephus Evidence that a Messianic Movement caused the Jewish War?

A historian specializing in the study of Josephus, Steve Mason, presents a case that the war that led to the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple was not prompted by any messianic movement among the people of Judaea. vridar.org

A Quaker’s Take on Life, Death & Religion

My mother-in-law was a soft-spoken woman who was known to sit through a rollicking family conversation without saying a word. Then, when someone asked her opinion, her response would make it perfectly obvious that she had tracked every word and every nuance of meaning. patheos.com

Top 10 Design Flaws in the Human Body

Evolution constructed our bodies with the biological equivalent of duct tape and lumber scraps. And the only way to refine the form (short of an asteroid strike or nuclear detonation to wipe clean the slate) is to jerry-rig the current model. getpocket.com

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Virgin Birth of the Egyptian Messiah – Horus & The Pattern for the Christian Nativity Scene

In this set of engravings we have the Annunciation, the Conception, the Birth, and the Adoration as described in the first and second chapter of Luke’s Gospel. These scenes, which were mythical in Egypt, have been copied or reproduced as historical in the Canonical Gospels. elpidiovaldes.wordpress.com

A Freethinker’s Gospel – Book Review

For anyone who grew up reading a daily devotional, A Freethinker’s Gospel works nicely as a secular equivalent focusing on nature rather than numina. It is worth slowing down and reflecting on each topic, which range from the value of interfaith work, inclusion of secular family during holidays, and the contributions of people from history. patheos.com

50 People Bridging the Gap Between Religion and Science

Scientists and faith leaders alike struggle with how to proceed in the midst of rapid progress. A growing number of programs, papers and people seek to help them help each other. religionlink.com

Einstein’s ‘God Letter’ Hits Auction Block Dec. 4

A handwritten 1954 letter by physicist Albert Einstein in which the Nobel laureate is dismissive of religion in general and Judaism in particular is expected to bring a seven-figure price when auctioned by Christie’s in New York City on Dec. 4. religionnews.com

Atheist vs Christian Bible Facts

Dungeons & Dragons (Satanic Panic #4)

Waking Up Next to Jesus (Feat Emma Mae Jenkins)