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REPORT: Victims of Deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Identified

The 11 victims of the shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue range in age from 54 to 97 and include a married couple and two brothers, according to officials who released the names Sunday. nypost.com

Trump’s Nationalism is Incompatible with Christianity

Trump’s actions have already earned him this label. But it indicates  another milestone in Trump’s chipping away at democracy and human rights. It is one more reason why Christians must stand in opposition to this president. patheos.com

The Ending Needs Work: Humanists Can Lead on End-of-Life Decisions

I was raised evangelical, and growing up, “secular humanist” was pretty much synonymous with Satan. No truly good person could possibly be a humanist because all good comes from God. Or so I was taught. thehumanist.com

Christianity Denigrates Human Wisdom

The absurdity of this scripture is evident. God gives us big brains but doesn’t want us to use them too much. Throughout history, Christianity has resisted new knowledge gained through science, and this fact alone is one of the best indicators that Christianity is a fake religion. exchristian.net

About a Boy: My Transition from Religion and the Trauma It Inflicts

As I grew up in my Southern Baptist household with parents who unwittingly held just about every prejudice imaginable, I realized quickly that there were several aspects of the life that I was born into that I did not actually subscribe to. thehumanist.com

The Four-Count Take-Down of Christianity

Those of us who have left Christianity are often challenged by Christian family and friends to state the reasons why. Without going into detail, there is an easy and effective way to explain why Christianity is definitely not true. exchristian.net

Calling Prophet Muhammad a Pedophile Does Not Fall Within Freedom of Speech: European Court

The ECHR ruled against an Austrian woman who claimed calling the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile was protected by free speech. The applicant claimed she was contributing to public debate. dw.com

Sinead O’Connor Announces Conversion to Islam in Video, Changing Her Name to Shuhada’ Davitt

The 51-year-old said the decision to convert to Islam was the “the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey.” independent.co.uk

The U.S. Catholic Church is Facing an Unprecedented Wave of Sex Abuse Investigations

In the months since a Pennsylvania grand jury announced the names of more than 300 priests who’d abused at least 1,000 children, authorities across the United States have launched investigations of unprecedented scale into sex abuse within the U.S. Catholic Church. news.vice.com

Museum of the Bible Pulls Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Found to Be Forged

Since its grand opening nearly a year ago, the Museum of the Bible has exhibited five fragments from the storied Dead Sea Scrolls, the ancient parchment fragments discovered 70 years ago in a desert cave. religionnews.com

‘Nones’ Too Shy Thus Far to Be A Force in American Politics

Although they now comprise roughly a quarter of the United States’ population, so-called ‘nones’ — folks with no religious affiliation — are having some trouble getting proportionate political traction. patheos.com

Americans Who Reject The Religious Right’s Theology Are Not ‘Confused’

Results like this could only be a surprise to the Religious Right. The rest of us have long understood that America’s tradition of religious freedom has spawned incredible religious diversity. au.org

Latinx Humanist Alliance Launches to Support and Amplify Voices in the Community

The American Humanist Association announced today that they were launching a new arm of the organization called the Latinx Humanist Alliance in order to help bring together and amplify the voices of the 20% of U.S. Latinx people who have no religious affiliation. patheos.com

Federally Funded Evangelical Foster Agency Fights For Right To Reject Jewish Parents

The Anti-Defamation League said the practices of Miracle Hill in South Carolina amount to taxpayer-supported discrimination. huffingtonpost.com

Rick Wiles Warns That if Democrats Gain Power, They Will Slaughter Christians by the Thousands