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EA Newsletter (Volume 02, Issue 06) June 2018 [Evangelically Atheist]

Here Are the 10 Scariest States to Be An Atheist

If you are trying to decide where in the country you want to plant your godless stakes, here are some places to avoid. alternet.org

New Orleans Area Televangelist Jesse Duplantis Asks for Donations to Buy $54 Million Jet

Jesse Duplantis, who runs a Christian ministry headquartered in Destrehan, asked for the donations in a video posted on his website last week. In it, he explains that his current jet — the third his ministry has owned — no longer serves his needs. theadvocate.com

What Good is Religion?

International development has focussed on material goods, but religion has an important role to play in human flourishing. aeon.co

“Punishment” of Baptist Leader Shows How Religion Fails Women

Amid allegations of telling rape victims to remain silent and forgive their assailants, counseling abused wives to stay and pray, and commenting on the attractiveness of teenage girls, the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has “quietly replaced” Paige Patterson as president. patheos.com

The Rise of Unfundamentalist Parenting

My parents weren’t particularly religious, but I guess they thought that a little outdoor socialization would do their bookish daughter good, and for the most part they were right. ozy.com

Pope Francis Tells Gay Man: ‘God Made You Like This’

Juan Carlos Cruz, who was sexually abused, says pontiff told him God did not mind that he was gay. theguardian.com

Liberty University Disgrace: Mission Accomplice

In another disgraceful blow to the eroding pretense of the rule of law, the grotesquely misnamed Liberty University took the gloves off and confirmed their endgame goal – a systemic hostile takeover of the U.S. Military by lunatic, fundamentalist Christians like Chaplain Col. Dr. Steven Keith (USAF Ret.), director of Liberty University’s Center for Chaplaincy in the Rawlings School of Divinity, and his cabal of deranged endtime warriors. laprogressive.com

How I Was a Good Mormon Wife — Until My Husband Stopped Believing in God

Sean and I had the perfect life. Then his faith started to crumble — and mine did, too. alternet.org

James Dobson Commits Animal Abuse and Advocates Abusing Children the Same Way

The book bears discussion after this committing a crime in most jurisdictions story comes out. I had zero memory of seeing this story about a Dachshund named Sigmund Freud. patheos.com

God, Guns, and School Shootings

Ten dead and ten injured in a high school shooting, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott believes “the problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.” patheos.com