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Small Reasons To Reject Christianity

If God had a saving message for humanity, why didn’t God make the message accessible to all at the same moment? (humanistplus)

Is the Main Point of the Bible to Point People Towards Faith in Jesus?

Everything else found in the Bible is minutiae that can be ignored or disregarded without a second thought. (brucegerencser)

Finding Peace After Deconversion

Christianity brought me anything but peace. Today, I’ll show you where I actually found peace–with no thanks to false beliefs like Christianity. (rolltodisbelieve)

Who Influenced Biblical and Second Temple Jewish Literature?

I have been posting on points of interest in Seth Sanders’ From Adapa to Enoch and have reached a point where I cannot help but bring in certain contrary and additional perspectives. (vridar)

These Florida Christians Think Their Prayers Will Stop Hurricane Dorian

A bunch of Christians who seem to think their magical words will keep Hurricane Dorian away from Florida gathered to tell the storm to “calm down.” (friendlyatheist)

Obama and Gillard Insiders on How the Left Can Talk to Religious Voters

Two insiders who worked at the nexus of religion and centre-left politics join the program. (abc.net)

Benny Hinn Renounces Prosperity Gospel, Says ‘Holy Ghost is Just Fed Up with It’

The prosperity gospel teaches that believers have a right to the blessings of health and wealth, and they can obtain these blessings through positive confessions of faith and faithful payments of tithes and offerings. (christianpost)

Trump Signs Order to Allow Churches to Be More Political

The order was cheered by some conservative Christians but seen as a disappointment by others, who said it fell short of the broader changes they wanted as part of religious liberties. (tippling)

Ancient Worm Fossil Rolls Back Origins of Animal Life

Half-a-billion-year-old creature challenges theory that animals burst onto the scene in an abrupt event known as the Cambrian explosion. (nature)

Losing My Religion: After the Pell Verdict, the Conflict for Catholics

Will we become a nation that drifted from the church? A nation that broke from it? Or a nation that stayed? (theguardian)

Harry Potter Books Removed from Catholic School ‘on Exorcists’ Advice’

Pastor at St Edward junior school in Nashville says JK Rowling’s use of ‘actual spells’ risks conjuring evil spirits. (theguardian)

Meditation for Beginners: Buddhist Monks & Teachers Explain the Basics

What mediation does require is a good instructor and encouragement. It is simple. But it is not easy. (openculture)

How The Handmaid’s Tale is the Christian Right’s Playbook

This Embezzling Catholic Priest Spent a Lot on Grindr Dates