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Taking Religion Seriously (and Critically)

Most of the public dialogue about religion and theology, whether casual or academic, is produced by those who have made at least some pretense toward examining religion.

John Oliver Has Received ‘Thousands’ of Donations for His Televangelism Ministry

John Oliver has received thousands of dollars in donations for Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, the ministry the HBO host said he founded to draw attention to the tax-free practices of prosperity gospel churches.

The Inevitable Growth of Atheism: Six Predictions

Given the obvious and continued decline of religion in the U.S., as reported in the recent Pew Study, the question is not if religion is declining but what shape the decline is taking and how it will play out.

Josh Duggar Checks Into Treatment Center After Porn Star Details “Very Traumatic” and “Terrifying” Sexual Encounter

Increasingly disturbing revelations continue to surface in the tragic circumstances surrounding the Duggars, the former TLC celebrity family of “19 Kids and Counting.”

My Church Tarnished Homeschooling: Leigh’s Story

My home was like any conservative Christian home: God came first. Democrats were bad, gays were bad, and anything that was not agreeing with the Bible was wrong.

Study Finds Buddhism is the Least Homonegative Religion

The study looked at 79 countries to determine how religion and religiosity affect attitudes to homosexuality.

Atheists Retaliate: Want ‘No Gods’ Monument on Arkansas Capitol Grounds

Arkansas legislators approved and Gov. Asa Hutchison signed into law a bill that allows the governor to authorize the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the capitol lawn.

Concerning Mormons Sticking with Boy Scouts, a Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

The Mormon church announced Wednesday that it will remain in the Boy Scouts, a month after the church expressed major concern about the Scouts lifting a ban on openly gay adult leaders.

What Should We Do With Bad Catholics?

Growing up, the Catholic high school nearest to our house had a bad reputation. In fact, amongst us public school kids down the street the Catholic school was well-known.

U.S., Turkey to Launch ‘Comprehensive’ Anti-Islamic State Operation

Turkey and the United States will soon launch “comprehensive” air operations to flush Islamic State fighters from a zone in northern Syria bordering Turkey.

Israeli Professor Explains Why the Islamic State is “the Anti-Islam”

The Islamic State has support in the Hadith (and the Qur’an) for what it does. There is also support, in many cases, for the opposing point of view.

Donald Trump Was Asked to Name His Favorite Bible Verse — Then He Responded

Many Americans grow up learning and reciting verses from the Bible, so it should come as no surprise to politicians when they’re asked to name a favorite Bible verse.