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Non-Believers Raise £2,500 to Buy Atheist Handbook for Every Secondary School in Northern Ireland

1144105-large[1]The fund received 124 donations amounting to £2,504 and the Humanist Association has already sent copies of the book to schools in England and Wales, which they say have been “warmly received”.

Did Fundamentalism Make Her Do It?

Did [Rachel] Dolezal’s strange behavior result in part from her upbringing in an abusive fundamentalist homeschooling family?

Religion and Politics: Do the ‘Nones’ Have It?

635701405492782614-GTY-467344624[1]If the U.S. population is becoming less and less Christian, why does the Republican presidential campaign sometimes feel like a revival meeting?

Why Christian Fundamentalism Is Still a Big Deal in U.S. Politics and How It Got That Way

The author of a recent report says fundamentalism is a paradox and explains why it’s not going away.

Michael Moore Nails Every Racist, War-Mongering, Pseudo-Christian, RW Gun Extremist – In One Tweet

Slide1[1]In Michael Moore’s tweet above, he shows how absurd it is, that we spend, invade, and kill millions in order to fight terrorists around the world yet we have terrorists in our own backyards as dangerous and deadly to Americans as any terrorist across the seas.

Our Prayers For Emanuel AME Are Worthless

We can offer our most eloquent and heartfelt prayers at church, but if they’re not accompanied by real, tangible action that takes us down a different path, then our prayers are just empty, worthless words.

South Carolina Lutheran Pastor: Dylann Roof Was Church Member, His Family Prays For Victims

Dylann Roof appears via video before a judge in Charleston, S.C., on Friday, June 19, 2015. The 21-year-old accused of killing nine people inside a black church in Charleston made his first court appearance, with the relatives of all the victims making tearful statements. (Centralized Bond Hearing Court, of Charleston, S.C. via AP)

As details surface about Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old man who has been charged with the murder of nine people after a brutal church shooting spree Wednesday night in Charleston, South Carolina, a faint portrait of his religious background is emerging.

Thoughts on Christian Marriage, Part One

I came into marriage with a lot of funny ideas on what a Godly marriage was supposed to look like. I’d been raised a good little female homeschooler and read all the right books, including Created to Be His Helpmeet.

Majority of Catholics for Religious Stewardship, One-Third Say God Gave Humans Dominion Over Earth

PRRI-Dominion-Stewardship-Chart-640x605[1]Pope Francis challenges the idea that God gave humans dominion (or power) over the earth’s resources, and instead says that human beings have a moral and religious responsibility to care for the planet.

Catholics, White Mainline Protestants Show Most Growth on Support for Same-sex Marriage

Going somewhat against traditional thought, much of this growth has come from religious Americans who have changed their minds on the issue.

At Ramadan, More Companies Accommodate Muslim Employees

During Ramadan, which began this week, and culminates with the Eid al-Fitr celebration in about a month, more companies are making efforts to accommodate the religious needs of their Muslim workers.

Face the Nation Panders to Faith

Judge for yourself; I didn’t find it so disturbing because the discussion of religion was limited.

Asghar Bukhari Defends Conspiracy Theory by Citing Source Popular with Those Who See ‘Zionist Footprints’

zionists[1]In his latest video, he cites a news site evidently popular amongst those inclined to see the ‘Zionist footprint’ on otherwise inexplicable political and personal phenomena.

Thousands of Christians Hold Protest Rally Outside Burned Galilee Church

The Church of the Multiplication in Tabgha was set on fire early on June 17 and the suspected hate crime drew fierce condemnation from Israeli leaders from major political parties, The Times of Israel reported.

100 Reasons the Earth is Old

edinburgh-to-siccar-point-june-jly-2012-048[1]The evidence presented ranges from tree rings to topography to sedimentology to physical geography to archaeology and anthropology to geochemistry to the fossil record to radiometric dating to astrophysics.

Uncovering the Religious Roots That Led to Environmental Movement

An expert debunks the preconception that conservation and religion are inherently hostile toward each other.

Is Science Policy a Theological Matter?

With his latest statement on science, technology and the environment, Pope Francis has sought to change the debate on climate change.

What the Dying Want You to Know About Life

When you tell people you’re a hospice nurse, the default comment is always, ‘Oh I could never do that. I would cry all the time.’