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Tuesday Training: So You Want to Run for Office?


Real people run for office every year. While it can be challenging, the barriers to entry are almost always less than we imagine. Hear from three members of the secular community about their experiences running for local and state office. They will share some pointers for how to get started and advice on running an effective campaign.

Brett Parker is an experienced political advocate having served as a Kansas state lawmaker, member of caucus and campaign leadership, a union leader, and congressional campaign staffer. Brett serves as the State Policy Manager for American Atheists, where he manages state-level advocacy efforts through grassroots engagement, communication with state lawmakers and partner organizations, and the development of testimony and advocacy resources in order to advance positive legislation and block negative legislation.

Kristiana de Leon serves on the Public Safety Committee on the City Council in Black Diamond, Washington and on the Sound Cities Associations’ Regional Law, Safety, and Justice Committee, where she openly identifies as an atheist and Secular Humanist. She was elected to the four-year position in 2019 and has spent her time working on issues related to diversity and inclusion, transportation, environmental concerns, and lobbying for the needs of her neighbors through working with additional state and federal offices.

Leonard Presberg has been a member of the Fayette County School Board since December 2011 and is a former Chair of the Fayette Democratic Committee. Leonard founded the Association of Secular Elected Officials as a support and education network that he wished existed since he was attacked for being nonreligious in his first month of office.Time

Feb 1, 2022 08:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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