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A Resounding Yes To Separation: AU Poll Shows Affirming Results

Sixty percent of the country says that protecting the separation of religion and government is either one of the most important things to them personally or very important. (au.org)

Ravi Kumar Atheist: The Indian Man Fighting to Be Godless

An Indian man is fighting for the right to believe in the non-existence of God. But Ravi Kumar’s quest for a document granting him legal recognition for his status has got him into trouble with the authorities. (bbc.com)

U.S. Adults See Evangelicals Through a Political Lens

Our research has developed a pronounced portrait of this Christian minority over the years (see the About the Research section at the end of this article for more on Barna’s definition of the group), but for this study our aim was different. (barna.com)

How American Anti-Semitism Reflects the Centuries-Long Struggle Over the Meaning of Religious Liberty

Americans recently observed the first anniversary of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which 11 were killed and six wounded. A year earlier, white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia, chanted the slogan, “Jews shall not replace us.” (theconversation.com)

God’s Gift to America?

Invoking God’s ordination has become boilerplate language for how many white evangelicals talk about the presidency. As the religious right activist Gary Bauer explained back during George W. Bush’s administration, “Evangelicals believe that no leader rises without God allowing that leader to rise.” (theweek.com)

You Can’t Do It Alone Even On the Internet: A Few Thoughts on Calming and Seeing

Traditionally in the buddhadharma across schools, samādhi (calming, concentration or absorption) and vipaśyanā (insight, or in Zen, “kenshō,” seeing true nature) are regarded as the two wings of meditation. (patheos.com)

Chick-fil-A Faces Right-wing Backlash After Cutting Ties to Christian Groups

Chick-fil-A, previously best known for its chicken sandwiches, was embraced by conservatives due to its foundation’s funding of the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which oppose same-sex marriage. This adoration has now turned sour, however. (theguardian.com)

Parent Files Complaint About Coaches, Players Praying Together

Superintendent of schools Troy Ravenscroft confirmed this week that he had received the notification from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an organization which, according to its website, is designed to “promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.” (newstribune.info)

Human Rights Activist Yasmine Mohammed Details Escape from Islam in New Book

Yasmine Mohammed was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, but she comes from a politically important family in Egypt. Her grandfather’s uncle was the first president of that country, and for a time her family was, she writes in her new book Unveiled, “filthy rich and powerful.” (thestranger.com)

Anti-Theism International Convention 2020


April 4-5th 2020 – Brighton England

Anti-theism International is named in homage to Christopher Hitchens who preferred to call himself an ‘anti-theist’. The 2020 European Convention offers presentations by top-rank speakers all day Saturday and Sunday morning, with a separately ticketed Saturday evening Gala Award Banquet hosted by Atheist Parents.