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AU’s Laser Tells House Panel Not to Allow Religious Freedom to Become a Tool for Discrimination

Rachel Laser, was called before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Education and Labor to testify on the misapplication of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA) and its remedy: the Do No Harm Act. au.org

History Was Critical to the Supreme Court’s Decision in the Bladensburg Cross Case, So Why Did the Court Get So Much Wrong?

The fractured majority argued that the specific history of the cross — and the fact that it had been there for nearly a century — has magically transformed the pre-eminent symbol of Christianity into a secular symbol. patheos.com

Why the Supreme Court’s Decision to Let a Taxpayer-Funded Cross Stand is Dangerous for American Jews

In doing so, the court needlessly applied a new legal standard with the potential to make American life more uncomfortable for Jews and other religious minorities. jta.org

Supreme Court Sends Florida Cross Case Back to Lower Court

Court decisions directing the removal of a cross from a public park in Florida should get another look, after a Supreme Court ruling that upheld a different cross in Maryland, the high court said Friday. apnews.com

American Cops Face No Repercussions for Their Islamophobia

With names such as “Veterans Against islamic Filth,” “PURGE WORLDWIDE (The Cure for the Islamic disease in your country)” and “Americans Against Mosques,” these groups serve as private forums to share bigoted messages about Muslims, and they have proven attractive for cops. truthdig.com

Why Christians Needed an Old Testament: Pagan Attacks on the Faith

Here is an issue that is hardly ever talked about in the scholarship on the rise of anti-Judaism in early Christianity, let alone among lay people wondering about why mainstream Christianity became opposed to Jews and the religion they practiced in antiquity. ehrmanblog.org

Zionist Billionaire Wants the Bible to Have a Book of Trump

Perhaps, if Trump sacrifices American lives and tax dollars in a war against modern Persia, Iran for the benefit of the Jewish state of Israel, he will make his way into the Bible with the Book of Trump. opednews.com

Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Libraries Are Dangerous Places, Says Creationist Ken Ham

Increasingly (sadly) so, but public libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids (of all ages)…brucegerencser.net

Trying to Save the World: A Zen Priest Tries to Cut to the Chase But Doesn’t Quite Get There

Getting to the root problem seems the only effective way of addressing the issues of our lives. patheos.com

Bible Classes Don’t Belong in Public Schools, FFRF Tells Much of the South

Project Blitz bible class bills were also proposed in Florida, Missouri, North Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia. All of these measures died. ffrf.org

When Satan Sits on Your Face?

A direct quote from John Piper of Desiring God. He really said this. But I’m not sure he thought much about how it would sound and where most folks minds might take it. patheos.com

How Matthew Invented the Lord’s Prayer

Once again we begin with the earliest of the gospels, that of Mark, and a major source for both the gospels of Matthew and Luke. vridar.org

Memorial Healthcare to Pay $74,418 to Settle EEOC Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

The EEOC alleged that Memorial violated federal law by refusing to hire a medical transcriptionist because of her religious beliefs against receiving flu shots and refusing to accommodate those beliefs. eeoc.gov

A Recent Local Controversy Reveals the Theocratic Heart of ‘Project Blitz’

Controversies over legislation based on model bills have broken out across the country on issues ranging from LGBTQ civil rights and discrimination in adoption and foster care, to abortion access, and teaching the Bible in public schools. rewire.news

Church of England Response to IICSA Report

Our summary of the comments in the Response on the IICSA Report’s five recommendations is given below. lawandreligionuk.com

Debate: Is Christianity Dangerous?

Aron Ra vs Michael Jones, AKA Inspiring Philosophy. youtube.com