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Faith Communities Call for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons at NPT PrepCom in New York

The statement has been endorsed by 53 groups and individuals of Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist affiliations. The full text of the statement and list of endorsers can be found here. religionnews.com

This Secularist Favors Curbing Immigration to Check Population Growth

It may seem counter-intuitive to American secularists who loathe President Trump’s seemingly racist, obstructive immigration policies, but some of them apparently also want fewer incoming aliens. patheos.com

How the World’s Biggest Religious Festival Tracks 250K Missing People

This unique festival, popularly known as the Kumbh, drew its biggest-ever audience this year, with more than 150 million visitors — for comparison, 2.4 million Hajj pilgrims visited Saudi Arabia in 2018. ozy.com

Andy Street won’t be the last to confuse Sikhs with Muslims

Social media isn’t forgiving of politicians who suffer a slip of the tongue, especially when it comes to confusing a Sikh place of worship, a gurdwarawith a mosque. spectator.co.uk

How IFB Churches Handle Premarital Sex and Unwed Mothers

The Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) church movement believes that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God. Within its pages, True Believers® will find everything they need pertaining to life and godliness. brucegerencser.net

The Psychology of Belief

How your brain distorts the world to support your emotional attachments to certain ideas. medium.com

10 Horrifying Cults That Committed Mass Suicide

Text version: toptenz.net

How a “Relationship With God” Torments Children

Modern Christians are absolutely in love with the phrase “It’s not a religion – it’s a relationship with God.”

When Religion and Vaccination Come Into Conflict

New York City has public health emergency on its hands in parts of Brooklyn.

Ultra-Orthodox Community Reacts to Measles Vaccine

Residents of a predominantly ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in New York could face fines for failing to be vaccinated against the measles

Pat Robertson Says “You Can’t Blame God”

If he exists and is not doing anything to help, he might as well not exist.