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Curbing Christian Proselytizing in Public Schools Like Whack-a-Mole

For decades, the Mercer County school system has allowed Bible classes in its elementary and middle schools, but some parents rebelled several years ago and sued the district to comply with laws prohibiting the practice under the Constitution’s religious “establishment” clause. patheos.com

Trump Touts Proposed Bible Literacy Classes in State Schools

Trump has often courted the support of evangelical leaders, with many defending him despite criticism over his rhetoric toward immigrants and on the campaign trail. thehill.com

How Political Polarization Affects Religious Freedom Debates

Last year, Kansas legislators passed a law protecting faith-based adoption agencies, ensuring they could access government funds even if, for religious reasons, they turned away LGBT couples. deseretnews.com

Judge Blocks Trump’s Evangelical Assault on Women in 13 States

Since the conservative Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling gave religious corporations the right to withhold contraception coverage from their employees, the Vatican-affiliated religious right has been on a tear to allow every employer to punish women, married or otherwise, who dare to have sexual relations “without consequences.” dailykos.com

Christian TV Host Rick Wiles Declares All Non-Christians Are Children Of Satan

Wiles, host of TruNews, a television “news” program produced for conservative Christians, explained to his audience that “If you don’t serve Jesus Christ, you’re automatically Satan’s child.” patheos.com

Muslims Call for Boycott of M&S Toilet Tissue As It Has ‘Allah’ Symbol on It

Footage taken by an unidentified man shows the Aloe Vera 3-ply toilet tissue with the indentation in question. Speaking on the video, the man urges his ‘brothers and sisters’ not to buy the £2.50 roll. metro.co.uk

Gospel of John As the Turning Point in a New Religion and a New God

The common view that earliest Christianity bestowed a “low Christology” on Jesus as the Messiah is without warrant, Boccaccini argues. Ehrman’s thesis of Jesus “gradual climb up the ladder of divinity” is without support. vridar.org

Evangelical Historian Explains How Christians Came to Put Trump Ahead of Jesus

John Fea is an evangelical Christian and a historian. When Donald Trump was elected with 81 percent of the self-described white evangelical vote, Fea was both stunned and surprised. alternet.org

Presidential Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris Must Reach Out to Non-Christians, Too

Democrats need our votes, too. They’ll have to do more than refer to God and deliver speeches at churches to get the “Nones” who don’t vote to change their habits in 2020. friendlyatheist.patheos.com

Evangelical Christians Need an Exit Ramp from Trumpism

Earlier this month, two important conservative writers explained why honorable Republicans are strongly considering a challenge to Donald Trump for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. religionnews.com

Donald Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Paula White Suggests People Send Her Their January Salary or Face Consequences From God

Paula White, who heads up the president’s evangelical advisory committee, suggested making a donation to her ministries to honor the religious principle of “first fruit,” which she said is the idea that all firsts belong to God, including the first harvest and, apparently, the first month of your salary. newsweek.com

Franklin Graham Swears Trump Has Never Lied — and Gets Hammered for Being ‘Willfully Ignorant’

In an interview on MSNBC, host Craig Melvin pointed out to Graham that The Washington Post counted 8,158 false or misleading claims made by the president during his first two years in office. alternet.org

What Covington Catholic Students Should Know About the Church’s History With Indigenous People

It’s time the students who mocked and disrespected an elder of the Omaha Nation learn the whole truth of this history. rewire.news

Here’s How to Have Productive Disagreements About Politics and Religion

Research suggests people intuitively draw a distinction between what is known and what is believed. Recognizing the difference can help in ideological disagreements. alternet.org

What Religious People Don’t Understand About Race

Are the Jews the chosen people? Are the Arabs, Rastafarians, Americans, or Brits, chosen by God? youtube.com