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International Blasphemy Day Marked as Persecution of Critics of Religion Continues Worldwide

The date marks a controversial anniversary, stemming from the publication of the 12 cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005, which sparked riots in Muslim communities around the world. newsweek.com

Religious Freedom for Me, But Not for Thee

The Catholic sisters in the order of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ announced this month that they plan to petition the Supreme Court to consider whether their religious-freedom rights are being violated by the construction and pending use of a natural-gas pipeline on their land in Pennsylvania. washingtonpost.com

Kavanaugh and Ford: Three Christian Stories of Silencing Victims

The church and society have failed victims and continue to do so. One story took place in the 80’s, the same decade as Ford’s incident. The second was in the early 90’s. Finally, the third story is in this decade. I hope you will see what I see in these stories. If they come forward, nothing happens. If they stay silent, nothing happens. patheos.com

Christian Author Defends Kavanaugh: ‘The Bible Says It’s Not Rape If the Woman Doesn’t Scream’

In an op-ed published this Tuesday, Dr. Don Boys tackled the “sad, sickening saga” surrounding the sexual assault allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. deadstate.org

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Conservatives and Christians Need to Stop Electing ‘Nice Guys’

The Liberty University president’s comments largely echo some of President Trump‘s complaints about Congress. Trump frequently derides Democrats for attempting to obstruct his agenda, and has been critical of Republicans for failing to alter congressional rules to skirt those tactics. thehill.com

Evangelical Groups Spending Millions to Drive Social Conservative Turnout for 2018 Midterms

Conservative evangelical grassroots organizations will spend millions of dollars in the coming weeks in an attempt to drive conservative Christian turnout for the 2018 midterm elections this November. christianpost.com

$35 Million Sex-Abuse Verdict Puts Spotlight on Insular Jehovah’s Witness Community

While there have been dozens of sex abuse claims in the past decade, experts say the religion’s self-enclosed nature makes it hard for victims to speak up. nbcnews.com

Candidate’s Campaign Sign in Pineville Causes Controversy

The sign was accompanied with the picture of a monkey hanging from a tree. Some community members wanted clarification about the message. “Very inappropriate,” said community member Jerald Dixon. “I would not vote for him at all.” kalb.com

Why Can’t Evangelical Colleges Change?

No matter what administrators might like to do, maintaining their public image as impeccably safe spaces for conservative evangelical youth is absolutely essential. This is not a quirk of Asuza Pacific or a relic of the twentieth century. iloveyoubutyouregoingtohell.org

What’s next for Willow Creek?

Plans for Willow Creek’s future unraveled in March when several women publicly accused Hybels of sexual harassment and misconduct. Though he denied the accusations, Hybels retired early in April after more than 40 years as pastor. religionnews.com

Mythological Archetypes and Current Events: White Buffalo Calf Woman

This story is set in a time when there is no food and the Lakota are starving. The tribe sends two men out on foot to look for food. They do not find the food they are looking for, but they find a beautiful native woman. opednews.com

Values Voter Summiters Make The Case For Using Religion To Harm Others

Undermining the wall of separation between church and state was a common refrain throughout the two-day summit, which is sponsored every year in Washington, D.C., by the anti-LGBTQ, anti-reproductive rights, anti-religious diversity Family Resource Council. au.org

Was Jesus a Real Person?

Mystery religions that were numerous at the time all had a central savior deity – a son or daughter of a god – who underwent some kind of suffering in order to secure eternal life for those that followed the particular cult. exchristian.net

Obsessed with the Apocalypse

Revelation has been called the most controversial book in the Bible, for good reason. patheos.com

Kentucky Supreme Court Allows Limited Discovery In Suit Against Church

In Presbyterian Church (U.S..) v. Edwards, the Kentucky Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision affirmed a Court of Appeals decision limiting discovery in a defamation suit against the Presbyterian Church to that necessary to determine if the church is entitled to ecclesiastical immunity. religionclause.blogspot.com

Candidate Invitations by Religious Organizations Test the Limits of Tax-Exempt Laws

Laws that prohibit campaign activity by tax-exempt organizations like religious entities address more than just direct, official pulpit endorsements. IRS guidelines concerning the so-called Johnson Amendment note that other activities implicitly favoring one candidate over another are also impermissible. bjconline.org

What Would Our Universe Look Like If There Were No God?

I realize this may seem counter-intuitive. But, have you ever asked yourself what our universe would look like if there were no Supernatural Deity or God? patheos.com

Politics As Religion: Bill Maher’s Latest Bit

In fact, it’s all great, and I realized that as well as having congenial views about The Donald and religion, Maher also has impeccable comic timing.