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Thoughts at the End of the Rally: How’d We Do Four Years Later?

IMG_7866-825x510[1]Yes, we loudly and proudly championed the equality of atheists, and we took head-on the injustices and manipulations of religious dogma. But we also talked about building alliances with people who think differently from us.

2016 Conference Recap: AHA Commemorates 75th Anniversary in Chicago

chicago_bean-300x180[1]Over 460 humanists, atheists, and freethinkers gathered in Chicago last weekend to celebrate “75 Years of Humanism” with the American Humanist Association, the oldest and largest humanist organization in the United States.

Robyn Blumner Tells Nonbelievers to Claim Their Place at the Political Table

IMG_7887-825x510[1]“There are millions and millions and millions of atheists in America. But we are invisible. We have no political power. And why is that? Because we are too quiet.”

Ending Nontheist Discrimination in the Boy Scouts

Robert Gates helped end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that barred openly gay individuals from serving in the military, also strongly influenced the July 2015 BSA vote that ended the ban on openly gay boy scout leaders.

Divided America: Evangelicals Feel Alienated, Anxious

460x[1]The faithful in the pews needed little convincing. Even in this deeply religious swath of western Kentucky conservative Christians feel under siege.

Iowa’s Governor Goes Around The Bend With Bible-Touting Document

When government officials pass religious proclamations, they are taking a stand on theology. They are saying that a certain religion or a certain religious book is worthy of study and veneration.

Former President Jimmy Carter Visits Ark Encounter

636011615758484041-presidentcarter1[1]Under a gray and sprinkling sky, Carter said he was not endorsing the views of those behind the ark, saying he believes in evolution.

Scottish Episcopal Church Leaps Towards Allowing Gay Marriage

Synod votes in favour of amending canon law, but two-thirds majority is need in second vote next year to enact changes.

Trump Addresses Crowd at Religious Conference

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S. May 5, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Tilley - RTX2D1HR

The conference is one of the largest events for religious conservative groups in the country. Trump’s speech marks an appeal to the evangelical voter base, whose support for Trump has taken some analysts by surprise.

Trump Christian Liaison: God ‘Raised Up’ Trump To Help Pave The Way For The Second Coming

Frank Amedia said last month that God told him last year that Trump would win the GOP nomination and that he believes Trump has been “raised up” to help pave the way for the Second Coming.

The Radical Theology That Could Make Religious Freedom a Thing of the Past

20160512_Michels_Texas-GOP-2016_064_2000-713x475[1]Even devout Christians should fear these influential leaders’ refusal to separate church and state.

Barton Bunk: Religious Right ‘Historian’ Claims People Who Criticize Him ‘Hate America’

The segment got off to a rocky start as the show claimed Barton was once named by Time magazine as “America’s Historian.” It turns out that never happened. Not even close.

Guam Catholics Distressed But Strong After Abuse Allegations

460x[1]Members of the Catholic church in Guam are reacting with devastation to the accusations that Archbishop Anthony Apuron sexually abused young boys decades ago, but they’re saying they’re still resilient in their faith.

Georgia Baptist Official Says Religious Freedom is Not for Muslims

Religious freedom is a foundational tenet for Southern Baptists, but apparently one church official in Georgia didn’t get the memo, at least as it applies to Islam.

Bryan Fischer: Premarital Sex ‘Gives Legal Ground To Satan’ To Control Your Relationship

Bryan Fischer kicked off his radio program today with a lesson from the Song of Solomon, warning that having sex before marriage gives Satan control over your relationship.