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The End of Faith Sessions 1

painting_762_492_60_s@1x[1]In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris reads and discusses the first chapter of The End of Faith. [Download]

Faith Versus Fact Paperback Out Soon

The paperback edition of Faith Versus Fact will be available on May 17, and it will have a fancy gold band on the cover instead of the drabbish band.

Black Atheists Explain What It’s Like to Be a ‘Double Minority’

black-atheists-explain-what-its-like-to-be-a-double-minority-456-1461333070-crop_desktop[1]Are you still black? Well, yes. To disagree implies civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates would be “less black,” because they are also atheists.

Colorado Supreme Court Correct To Refuse To Hear Baker’s Lawsuit

Americans United had filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case. This action is part of Americans United’s Protect Thy Neighbor project, which seeks to stop religion-based discrimination against LGBT persons and others.

Atheist to Deliver Invocation at Waterloo Council Meeting

56aa5340e8d8a.image[1]Members of Cedar Valley Atheists are calling it a “huge victory for the secular community” Justin Scott has been invited by Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart to give a secular invocation

Atheist Pastor Sparks Debate by ‘Irritating the Church into the 21st Century’

Can a minister in a Christian church be an atheist? That’s the question facing the United church of Canada as it wrestles with the case of Gretta Vosper.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Employee Banned from Florida Public Schools for Promoting Religious Beliefs

hillsborough-county[1]David Gaskill and all adult members of the FCA have been banned from all schools, extracurricular activities, and events.

New Jersey School Board Member Quits Over Anti-Muslim Comments

Elmwood Park Board of Education member Gladys Gryskiewicz had come under pressure to step down after attention was drawn to the posts on her personal Facebook account.

State Will Pay for Revamped Exit for Ark Encounter

635969435001032223-ark-encounter[1]Does a new taxpayer-funded highway exit and highway improvements by a Noah’s Ark-themed park violate the separation of church and state?

A Day With Ken Ham

The Creation Museum is open to public school field trips, and the museum’s founder has some thoughts on separation of church and state.

Police Patch With Scripture Nixed

diboll[1]Diboll City Attorney Jimmy Cassels confirmed that the patches did not follow the Supreme Court’s opinion on the matter of separation between Church and State.

Large Granite Cross at Santa Clara Park Prompts Lawsuit

The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed the suit in U.S. District Court in San Jose, arguing that the city was violating the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by keeping the cross.

Court Smacks Down Kansas Christians for Labeling Evolution a Religion to Force School Ban

A-student-who-is-studying-physics-Shutterstock-800x430[1]Citizens for Objective Public Education (COPE) argued that teaching science without a religious explanation for the creation of the universe would indoctrinate children into atheism.

Church and State Collide in Puerto Rico

“I oversee everyone.” That’s how the the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, Juan Zaragoza, summed up his position after confirmation that the agency will oversee the churches next May.

Missouri’s Proposed Religious Freedom Amendment Sets Old Allies At Odds

ap1604051907191011_custom-4d0459e88f777d301271b412e2198bf4636714f4-s800-c85[1]Conservatives there are backing an amendment to the state Constitution that would protect certain people — clergy, for instance — who refuse to take part in same-sex marriages.

At a Jehovah’s Witness Hall, Congregants Remember Prince as ‘Brother Nelson’

Here, one of America’s greatest sex symbols didn’t arrive in spandex and stilettos but in conservative suits and ties. He was often hard to spot among the congregation of dozens unless you were looking right at him.

The Mercy Girls

160422_FB_Mercy-Sleep.jpg.CROP.fresca2-xlarge[1]These young women enrolled in an influential Christian counseling center for help. That’s not what they found.

Pastoral Medicine Credentials Raise Questions In Texas

Some providers call themselves doctors of pastoral medicine. But these licenses are not medical degrees. That has watchdog organizations concerned that some patients may not understand what this certification really means.

Muslims for Trump, Though Few, See Past Rhetoric, Bluster

460x[1]As a Donald Trump supporter, Nedal Tamer feels he’s in the minority among Muslim-Americans, comfortable with his choice yet somewhat confounded that he doesn’t have more company.

The Islamic State and Islamic fundamentalism on the rise in Bangladesh

The Islamic State’s presence is on the rise in Bangladesh. Photographer Allison Joyce felt compelled to travel there to see what has been happening.