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Is God Dead? A TIME Cover Turns 50

TIME-Cover-550-x-358[1]Written by Time’s religion editor, John T. Elson, the article attempted to capture the nation’s shifting theological mood from the complacent faith of the 1950s to the metaphysical confusion of the mid-1960s.

Religion in the Town Square: Lawsuit Filed By Shelton Atheist

An atheist backed by secular group the Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing the town of Shelton, Conn., for refusing to post his anti-religion banner in a public park during the Christmas season.

Donald Trump’s Rise Shows Religion Is Losing Its Political Power

06porter-master675[1]Mr. Trump’s solid appeal among Republican primary voters may be what it says about the waning place of religion in American politics and the revival of a populism centered more on economic nationalism and white working-class discontent.

Md. Family Has No Right To Taxpayer Funding for Child’s Religious Education

Public Schools Can Fully Accommodate Special-Needs Student, Church-State Watchdog Group Says.

Does Clayton’s Motto Exclude Non-Christians?

37795283001_3432015498001_adopt[1]Is the borough’s motto — “live and play, work and pray” — inappropriately religious, or a reflection of the town’s Christian history?

Gov. Signs Law Denying Service Based on Religion

Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 1523 on Tuesday, despite opposition from gay-rights groups and some businesses. Some conservative and religious groups support the bill.

Forney City Council Approves Placing ‘In God We Trust’ on City-Owned Vehicles

ee16eacb2ab3f2b8582859b8cc34ab8e_L[1]“Our national motto as it stands means many things to many people,” he stated. “To me personally, it combines faith and country. Many wars and conflicts have been fought with this motto as our soldiers official guide.”

Atheist Group Says It Will Consider Legal Action If Bible Becomes TN’s Official Book

Senators voted 19 to 8 to approve this bill Monday despite arguments from the state’s attorney general, who said the measure violates both the state and U.S. Constitutions.

School Board Members in Prayer Lawsuit Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees

freefromrel[1]Order comes after judge ruled that Chino Valley (Calif.) board members were regularly injecting religious content into meetings.

Atheists Seek Removal of Cross After Losing Case Against WWI Memorial

A judge ruled against the American Humanist Association in November 2015, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The New United States: A “Christian Nation”?

408px-A_Castro,_Lorenzo_-_A_Sea_Fight_with_Barbary_Corsairs_-_Google_Art_Project[1]Skeptics routinely point to the 1796 Treaty of Tripoli, in which American officials declared that “the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.”

The Bible Passage More Potent than the Law of Attraction

In spite of our best efforts, the outcome is not always what we expected. Sure, the Law seems to work sometimes—just not all the time.

Religious Freedom Legislation: Admirable or Ignorant?

god-hates-cakes[1]The debate surrounding the scope of religious freedom has become increasingly contentious over the past year.

Stop Pretending God Endorses Your Homophobia

Take out the word “gays” and insert the word “blacks.” Or “Asians.” Or “women.” Or “left-handers.” Or “divorcees.” Or “refugees.” Or “women without head coverings.” Or “people who eat pork.”

New Study: Religious People Are Less Smart but Atheists Are Psychopaths

stupid_christian[1]They found that people who believe in a god, or some spiritual essence, suppress the brain network for analytical thinking and instead engage the empathetic network.

When Religion Makes People Worse

Religion can do a very poor job helping believers relate kindly and justly to others. And religion can easily persuade people that the rejection they are receiving for their hurtful or ill-considered convictions is martyrdom.

Rabbi Lila Kagedan: A History-Making Title in Orthodox Judaism

Kagedan introduces herself as the new rabbi at their synagogue. Not one of the elementary-school-aged children seems surprised.

Christians Are Still Persecuted Around the World. Here’s Where.

A tragic Easter evening at a crowded park in Lahore, Pakistan, is the latest reminder that outside of the Western world, Christianity is increasingly a targeted minority.