Threats to Religious Liberty: Real and Imagined

The essence of religious liberty is, of course, the freedom to believe what one wants to believe about gods and to express that belief, whether in writing, speaking, or in worship services.

Bangladesh Remains a Dangerous Country for Bloggers

Even a year after the murder of US-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy, the killers remain at large. Since then, three more bloggers and a publisher have suffered the same fate and many others have fled the country.

Who Needs Bible Study? An Atheist Arizona Legislator Will Lead Secular Studies for His Colleagues

Juan Mendez is the State Representative from Tempe, Arizona who was first elected in 2012. He made headlines in our community in 2013 when he delivered invocations honoring his Secular Humanism.

Russian Faces Up to Year in Prison for Denying Existence of God

Viktor Krasnov also wrote the “Bible is a collection of Jewish fairy tales” during the discussion on European social networking site in 2014.

Grand Jury: 2 Bishops Hid Sex Abuse of Hundreds of Children

460x[1]The 147-page report issued Tuesday on sexual abuse in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese was based partly on evidence from a secret diocesan archive opened through a search warrant over the summer.

Idaho Wants Bible as Science Text

Senator Sheryl Nuxoll is introducing a bill that will allow public schools to refer to the Bible as a reference in a wide variety of subjects.

House OKs Bill Restricting How Religion is Taught in Tennessee Public Schools

The Senate is still considering the companion bill, which lawmakers are pushing in response to a furor among some Christian conservatives over how Islam is taught in public middle schools.

Lawsuit Accuses Mark Driscoll of Misusing Mars Hill Church Tithes

PMD-1st-John-1-e1454687327961[1]The pastor whose Seattle megachurch imploded two years ago now is accused of raising funds for overseas missionaries and spending it at home, among other allegations.

Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan Joins KKK in Praise of Donald Trump: ‘I Like What I’m Looking At’

The leader of the black separatist group praised Trump for not accepting money from the ‘Jewish community.’

Birmingham Pastor Allegedly Locks Congregation Out of Church

The congregation of a Birmingham church worshiped outside Sunday morning after members say their embattled pastor locked them out of the building.

LDS Leaders to Utah Mormons: Go to Your Party Caucuses

Specifically, Mormon leaders want members to participate in party caucus meetings planned across the state for March 22.

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

Its faith-based 12-step program dominates treatment in the United States. But researchers have debunked central tenets of AA doctrine and found dozens of other treatments more effective.