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Even On His Birthday, Don’t Say Darwin Unless You Mean It

darwinstree[1]Our understanding of atoms has moved on enormously since Dalton’s time, and our understanding of evolution has moved on similarly since Darwin’s.

Darwin Day Notwithstanding, Evolution Debate Keeps Evolving

This week, as scientists, educators and others mark Feb. 12 as International Darwin Day, the anti-evolution camp is as active as ever.

Religious Ceremonies Exclude Non-Christians and the Non-Religious

350x[1]A local councillor has called on Ross-on-Wye town council to move away from religious events and to embrace inclusive, secular ceremonies – warning that current arrangements alienate non-Christians.

Sick and Tired of ‘God Bless America’

The population of nonreligious Americans — including atheists, agnostics and those who call themselves “nothing in particular” — stands at an all-time high this election year.

‘Heaven On Earth: A Journey Through Shari’a Law’ – A Critique

kadat[1]Kadri presents a time period before the Qur’an as much in need of revolutionary ideas.

Gallup: New Hampshire the Least-Religious State

Based on the percentage of those describing themselves as very religious, 20 percent in New Hampshire said they were, slightly lower than the 22 percent who described themselves as such in Vermont.

Vatican Tells New Bishops They Don’t “Necessarily” Need to Report Sex Abuse of Children

350x[1]The National Secular Society has expressed its concern over guidelines for newly appointed bishops published by the Vatican which state that bishops do not always need to report clerical sex abuse to the authorities.

Puncturing Declension Narratives

During the middle ages, most Europeans were much more pagan and much less Christian than people today realize.


West Virginia Lawmakers Pass Problematic ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill 72-26

West-Virginia-Capitol-1125x635[1]Democrats opposed to the bill (HB 4012) called out the discriminatory intentions behind RFRA. “We already have religious freedom,” Del. Stephen Skinner (D) countered, “Click your heels three times; you’re already home.”

Fear of Vengeful Omniscient Gods May Have Helped Human Societies Expand

Belief in an all-seeing punitive god motivates people to be more charitable towards strangers outside their own family and community, particularly to those of similar beliefs.

Richard Dawkins Stroke Forces Delay of Australia and New Zealand Tour

Author of The God Delusion suffered ‘minor stroke’ in UK and is now recuperating at home.

Debunking the Devil

Judaism and Christianity owe thanks to the Persian priests of Zoroaster for the light versus darkness motif, the belief in an impending apocalypse, and the messianic dogma.

Cruz Campaign Defends Controversial Pastor Who Says God Sent Hitler To Hunt Jews

Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign had proudly announced the endorsement of Mike Bickle, the head of the controversial International House of Prayer.