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A New Secular Settlement is Necessary for a Country Where “No Religion is the New Norm”

350x[1]Just 31% of under-40s describe themselves as Christian, compared with 56% of under-40s who have no religion.

Atheist Myths: Is Atheism Based on Faith?

Often theists will try to place atheism and theism on the same plane by arguing that while theists cannot prove that god exists, atheists also cannot prove that god does not exist.

From Harvard to Berkeley, Colleges Teach Courses on Humanism

college-300x197[1]Did you know that at least forty-six colleges and universities in the United States include a course on humanist philosophy?

How Can Atheists Be Certain that God Doesn’t Exist? Well, How Can Theists?

Not all atheists deny the existence of all gods and not all of those who do claim absolute certainty.

Christian Theology is All Over the Map: Part 1Part 2

lukeopening[1]Without Luke 22:19b-20 and Acts 20:28 there is no concept of blood atonement in Luke-Acts.

‘Royal Wedding’ of Atheist Group, Richard Dawkins Foundation Launches Woman to Top Post

[CFI]’s founder, humanist philosopher Paul Kurtz — will step down. Taking his spot will be Robyn Blumner, the Dawkins Foundation’s executive director for the past two years.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Counsel Teens About Their Virginity As If Talking to Infants

capture-virgin[1]To supposedly “help” teenagers maintain their chastity as dictated by the religion, the website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, jw.org, recently released a worksheet aimed toward teens called “Strengthen Your Convictions: Virginity.

Secular Humanism Is (Still) Coming To Get Your Mom!

Like a lot of conspiracy theories, the one about secular humanism was never terribly coherent — mainly because there didn’t seem to be a lot of secular humanists around.

An Unkillable Myth About Atheists

istock_000006042218_small-ae1f985c6b8667029388d1d5a4fbccc58c044d96-s800-c85[1]In his new book, The Big Question: Why We Can’t Stop Talking About Science, Faith and God, Alister McGrath argues that “we need more than science to satisfy our deep yearnings and intuitions.”

Beyond Belief Network Guides: SquareOne Villages

SquareOne Villages is Foundation Beyond Belief’s (FBB) Quarter 1 2016 Human Rights beneficiary for the Humanist Giving program.

Money Tips from the God Industry – Part 1 / Part 2

religion_money-300x254[1]Originally, there was supposed to be a Jubilee once every hundred years, but the desire for more and more money has caused the church to pick up the pace.

Jewish Disciples Wouldn’t Have Created the Idea of the Resurrection, So It Must Have Really Happened… Right?

If you’ve discussed the resurrection with Christians before, then you’re probably familiar with the above argument.

Idaho’s Faith Exemptions are Killing Children

child-561220_960_720[1]Linda Martin, originally from Idaho, is especially taken aback by what year it is. “These are not things children die of in our time, this is what children died of back in the 1800s, not in the 2000s,” she says.

Seven GOP Candidates Seek To Out-Pander One Another In Courting The Religious Right

Rachel Maddow also took note of the fact that the leading 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls had no problem participating in an event organized and co-hosted by an extremist like Scarborough.

2016 Bible-Minded Cities

As in previous years, the South remains the most Bible-minded region of the country, with all of the top 10 cities located below the Mason-Dixon line.

In Robocall, Pastor Promises Hell if You Don’t Join Church

“The Bible tells you that your words- the words of the people of God- are supposed to be as sharp as a double edge sword,” Pastor Wilson told FOX40.

Kim Davis: SOTU Ignored The Christians Being ‘Mashed Down, Literally’ By Obama

Davis was initially unresponsive about her reaction to President Obama’s address, telling a reporter simply that “it was a speech,” but went into a little more detail in an interview with EWTN’s Jason Calvi after the event.

Falwell Jr. is So Mad at (fill in the blanks) That He’s Ready to Hug Donald Trump?

Will other cultural conservative ever, ever be willing to make that leap? That’s the question that journalists have to keep asking.

Atheist Battle Rapper Eloquently Eviscerates Christian Opponent