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The New Yorker Does Amazing Profile of Former Westboro Church Rising Star

downloadOne doesn’t decide to leave such a famous group – and one’s own family – lightly, especially when you’ve been picketing the funerals of AIDS victims since age 5 and giving interviews since age 11.

Christian Group Unveils 2015 “Naughty-or-Nice” List, Because Some Companies Hate Christmas

The American Family Association has released its annual “Naughty or Nice” list, sorting out which national chains celebrate Christmas and which ones don’t.

‘The Bible Calls for Killing Nonbelievers’: University Hotel Implements Major Bible Policy Change

shutterstock_308599193-620x413[1]The Bibles are inappropriate inside accommodations at a public university. “Providing Bibles to Holmes Student Center Hotel guests sends the message that NIU endorses the religious texts,” Jayne wrote.

Freedom From Religion Foundation, ACLU Can Still Fight Concord’s 2015 Christmas Program, Nativity Scene

Concord school officials are making changes in this year’s Christmas Spectacular, but that doesn’t mean an end to courtroom battle.

A Timid Defence of Free Speech is No Match for Islamism

350x[1]Society needs a much more vigorous defence of free speech than the one we are getting, with the ‘elite’ of society in academia, religion and politics offering a feeble and timorous defence.

Texas Mosque Vandalized Amid Rise in Islamophobia

Worshippers arriving to pray on Monday morning discovered pages torn from the Muslim holy text, the Quran, and feces littered in front of the building.

5 Facts About the Muslim Population in Europe

FT_15.01.14_MuslimPopulation420px[1]Recent killings in Paris as well as the arrival of hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim refugees in Europe have drawn renewed attention to the continent’s Muslim population.

Trump Won’t Rule Out Database, Special ID for Muslims in US

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump believes that the war on terror will require unprecedented surveillance of America’s Muslims.

Pastor Changes “Jesus Had 2 Dads” Sign Outside Church After Realizing What That Actually Means

FTeK4tH[1]Rev. Roy T. Herberger just looked up “funny church signs” on Google, came across one that made him laugh, and put it up outside the building.

Rev. David Rives: The Bible Knows Best

He declares that the bible contains more accurate science, history, and prophecy than you can find anywhere else.

The Catholic Church Says the Virgin Mary Has Been Seen with a “High Degree of Certainty” in These Places

BJoAZEF[1]National Geographic has a cover story this month on the significance and legacy of the Virgin Mary — or at least the idea of her.

Without Welcoming Refugees, There Is No Christian Faith

What did surprise me about the response to the Paris attacks was the sheer number of my fellow Christians who blindly and almost gleefully jumped on the anti-refugee bandwagon.

Evangelical Groups Tell Political Leaders: ‘Jesus Was A Refugee’

ap_9929839917_wide-768356271650fb3c60782c974fefdf82d6338b87-s800-c85[1]As many leading conservatives call for stopping Syrian refugees from entering the United States, several evangelical Christian organizations are pushing back.

No ‘Religious Test’ in House Bill Pausing Syrian Refugees: Ryan

Ryan said the legislation, if enacted, would bring a “pause” in President Barack Obama’s program allowing some Syrians fleeing war to come to the United States.

Which Neighbor Should Evangelicals Love?

franklin-graham[1]The National Association of Evangelicals, for example, has warned policy-makers not to let fear of terrorists get in the way of Christian charity.

Church Involvement Varies Widely Among U.S. Christians

While most Americans still identify as Christian, there are big differences when it comes to how involved they are with a congregation – or whether they’re involved at all.

Ben Carson, Science, and Seventh-day Adventists

Carson-550x358[1]In 2011, he told a Seventh-day Adventist audience that he was not “a hard and fast person who says the earth is only six thousand years old. But I do believe in the six day creation.”

Angry Christian Protester Accosts Katy Perry’s Preacher Dad for Raising a “Wicked” Daughter

Keith Hudson recently did an interview with a Christian radio station in Phoenix. As he left he studio, he was accosted by Christine Weick, protesting outside.

Seminaries Embrace NASA and Darwin to Understand God’s Mysteries

26695[1]Nearly 6-in-10 (59 percent) U.S. adults say the two ways of viewing the world are in conflict, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

Evolution Is Finally Winning Out Over Creationism

A majority of young people endorse the scientific explanation of how humans evolved.

Intelligent Design? Evolution? Depends on your Point of The View

Thanks to the ever-watchful Sensuous Curmudgeon, we notice that The View took on the topics of creationism, evolution, and intelligent design.

Klingenschmitt Has A ‘Scientific Method’ That Proves the Existence of God

“…All you’ve got to do is repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and invite him to come into your heart. Now this is a scientific method.”