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There Is Still a Gaping, Atheist-Shaped Hole in the Interfaith Movement

Screen-Shot-2015-10-12-at-9.39.20-AM-300x190[1]I was not a lone atheist in the field of interfaith. Atheists and humanists in my network were actively involved in interfaith councils.

Thomas Paine: Rights, Reason, & Common Sense Deviance

According to the social, religious and legal codes of Thomas Paine’s day, he was an infidel, a heretic, a blasphemer, and a seditious traitor.

Why God Cannot Be Proven: A Star Trek Argument

246748_5_[1]Since the issue is so charged, articles espousing varying views on the matter prompt both criticism and praise across the Internet.

AIG: Things That Annoy Creation Scientists

It’s amusing to learn what bothers the creation scientists at Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham. They just posted Top 15 Illustration Problems in Genesis 1–11.

Judaism vs Christianity: A Brief & Rational Comparison

judaism-vs-christianity-a-brief-rational-comparison[1]The historical development of both these religions must be taken into account if a thorough understanding of their similarities and differences is to be acquired.

Assisted Suicide Debate Pits Religious Teachings Against Personal Experiences

Most major religious groups formally oppose doctor-assisted suicide, and yet many members support giving patients the option.

Archaeologists Claim to have Discovered the Location of the Biblical City of Sodom

Gods-wrath[1]An archaeological team led by Steven Collins claims to have discovered a city that matches the Bible’s Sodom, the city destroyed, along with Gomorrah, by the wrath of God.

The Ancestral Myth of the Hollow Earth and Underground Civilizations

Countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet.

Thai Buddhist Monk Horror Film Banned on Fears It Could ‘Destroy’ Faith

afe49e35465fb93d81db4318577d702240029158[1]The Ministry of Culture has objected to certain parts of the film “Arbat” including a kissing scene and one where a monk is shown taking drugs.

Sick and Far From Home

Mormons who fell dangerously ill on their missions say the church denied them access to medical care.

Fundamentalist Colleges Save Lives?

img_1652[1]Maybe they were right. One of the hallmarks of conservative evangelical colleges has always been a clampdown on student behavior.

The Conservative Definition of ‘Family Values’ Is B.S.

Two advocates launch an initiative to push back against nuclear family privilege.

Salon’s Richard Dawkins Peace Summit: “I am against all religion … I think I’d call myself a lover of truth. I’m intolerant of bullsh*t”

Professor Richard Dawkins, ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author of books including The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene, is seen at Random House, London, on Wednesday, August 14th,2013. Professor Dawkins is to publish an autobiographical book. (Fiona Hanson/AP)

Exclusive: We talk with sparring partner Richard Dawkins about New Atheism, Twitter & why he sees Ahmed as a fraud

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Cut Religion From Tennessee’s World History Curriculum, Because Islam

State Rep. Sheila Butt would rather cut back on all religious study than risk the “indoctrination” of Tennessee students.

Cultish Thinking in Everyday Life

big-think-jim-jones-jonestown-koolaid[1]Jim Jones spent his childhood exploring religion and torturing animals. These seemingly odd bedfellows do, in fact, make sense.

Teaching Abstinence without Teaching Consent is Dangerous

I know too many women who grew up in conservative Christian environments who experienced sexual assault, but did not recognize it as such at the time. Why?

8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Religion-Themed Halloween Costumes

5616e3221400002b003c7d41[1]It happens every year. There’s always that one goofball friend at the Halloween party who is convinced that dressing up as a sexy nun is oh-so-hilarious.

Atheist Group Holds ‘Free Thought Day’ In Response To ‘Bring Your Bible To School Day’

Days after the Folsom Cordova Unified School District in California sent out an email publicizing “Bring Your Bible To School Day” a Sacramento atheist group took advantage of the same policy to publicize its event.

5 Fastest Growing Religions in Europe and The World

shutterstock_169126397-750x500[1]Religious demographics of the world is rapidly changing owing to some major factors like high fertility rates (particularly for some specific religions like Islam), conversion rate, and increasing atheism.

What World Religions Practice Cremation? Why Do Some Reject It?

I know in some places like the United Kingdom cremation has become very common, maybe even surpassing ground burial.