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Why Be An Atheist?

Religion-Signs-1500x[1]A particular reason might play a very large role for one atheist, a very small role for another, and absolutely no role whatsoever for a third.

Atheist Clubs Don’t Belong at Catholic Colleges, Experts Say

Dr. Douglas Flippen, professor and chairman of philosophy at Christendom College in Front Royal, Va., told The Cardinal Newman Society that such clubs conflict with a college’s Catholic identity.

Black Churches Bucking the Trend of Decline

The pews and the choir loft are full at Alfred Street Baptist Church, an historic, predominantly black congregation in Alexandria, Va., on July 26, 2015. Religion News Service photo by Adelle M. Banks

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Christians are losing their share of the U.S. population, dropping to 71 percent in 2014, down from 78 percent in 2007, with young people leading the exodus.

Does the Atheist have a Theory of Mind?

We live in a material world ruled by minds with no physical locality and it is here that we think beliefsdesires, intentions, and other mental states are both responsible for, and explain our behavior.

Indiana Public School Punishes 7-year-old with ‘Banishment’ for Not Believing in God: Lawsuit

child-alone-in-playground-006[1]A lawsuit recently filed against a teacher at Forest Park Elementary School in Indiana alleged that a 7-year-old student was “banished” from sitting with other students at lunch after he revealed that he did not believe in God.

Mayor Cites ‘Seething Anger’ at Atheists

A New Mexico mayor is seeing red over an atheist group’s warning to take down a long-standing nativity scene on city property.

Activists Urge Pope Francis to Address Sex Abuse by Clergy During U.S. Visit

sexabuse_6511437401291[1]The official itinerary for Francis’s U.S. trip includes no mention of the topic, although some experts think the pontiff will address it in an impromptu way.

Does Telling Women and Children to “Be Obedient” to Their Abusers Contribute to Unchecked Child Molestation Among Jehovah’s Witnesses?

First consider the position this counsel puts women in as far as taking steps to protect their children from sexual abuse.

The BBC is Failing to Respond to Fair Criticism of Its Religious Output

350x[1]Over the years the National Secular Society has repeatedly objected to the way Thought for the Day privileges religion and excludes non-believers, and the Society has even initiated legal action.

What Type of Religion is Christianity?

Christianity is one of the largest and most powerful forces on the planet – indeed, it would probably dominate the planet if it were not for the fact that it is divided in so many different ways.

Alabama Congregation Opens Gun Range Behind Church

Alabama-congregation-opens-gun-range-behind-church[1]“Really, the whole purpose of this range is to provide recreational and gun safety in a warm, loving, Christian environment,” Rocky Mount United Methodist Church Pastor Phillip Guin said.

Myths of Christianophobia Part 1 – It Does Not Exist

Christianophobia is the unreasonable hatred and/or fear of Christians. In the United States this has usually manifested itself against conservative Christians.

Saudi Arabia’s New Law Defines Atheism as “Terrorism”, Bans All Criticism of Government

Map_atheist_persecution_by_islam[1]Humanist and secular organizations have responded with outrage to the news that a new law in Saudi Arabia equates “atheism” with “terrorism”.

Police Say Murder Of Family Was Ritualistic And Related To Witchcraft

Voncile Smith, 77, was found dead in her Pensacola home on Friday, along with her sons, 49-year-old John William and 47-year-old Richard Smith.

Toronto’s Atheist Minister Faces Church Court After Questioning Christianity For At Least 14 Years

The Rev. Gretta Vosper, an ordained United Church of Canada minister who believes in neither God nor the Bible. Photo courtesy of Gretta Vosper

The Rev. Gretta Vosper, spiritual leader of West Hill United Church in suburban Toronto, made her God-denying views known as far back as 2001.

Religion and God: Comforting or Challenging?

I don’t believe in any gods, but if any existed, I’m sure they’d be different enough that the latter strikes me as far more plausible.

Simple and Easy Procedure to Become an Atheist

Atheist-Dictionary-1500x[1]So, do you want to be an atheist? Do you really want to be able to call yourself an atheist instead of a theist?

Religious Right Group To Honor Controversial Ark. Lawmaker For His ‘Courage’

Let’s say you know of a state lawmaker who used taxpayer money to promote religion at a pre-school he owns. Imagine that he also legally adopted two children, then allegedly “re-homed” them with a man who was later accused of abusing one of those children.

U.S. Pays for Scientology ‘Experiment’ on Sick Veterans

47979453.cached[1]Thanks to taxpayer dollars, a research team is testing L. Ron Hubbard’s controversial ‘purification’ theories on veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.

My Religious Friends Don’t Like My Atheism and Constantly Leave Me Out

If I ever ask the simplest question about someone’s religion, they bristle and become defensive. I feel I have to “hide” my non-belief from them, because they automatically think that everyone has a religion.

For Pat Robertson, Levitical Laws Apply To Gays But No One Else

Televangelist Pat Robertson regularly cites the Book of Leviticus as proof that homosexuality is a grave and evil offense, doing so as recent as Monday.

My INR5 Talk About Free Will—Or Rather, Our Lack of It

It’s my talk called “You don’t have free will” that was given at the Imagine No Religion meeting in Vancouver in June.