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Do We Live in a Christian America? Not Quite

inventing-375x250[1]The answer rests with longstanding and near-constant religious declarations by politicians that “perpetuate the impression that America was specially ordained by God and that the nation’s governing documents and institutions reflect Christian values.”

32% of Atheists and Agnostics Discuss Religion During the Week

Apparently, atheists and agnostics in the United States discuss religion quite a bit during the average week – as often as some Christians, in fact.

A Rant from a Friend – Kidnapping and Intercessory Prayer

3575a03f0268e75abc2813eca88e2b2e[1]Most of my friends know my posture on religion in general. I have studied (and at times practiced) various religions in my lifetime, and at the end of the day, I am an atheist.

Atheist History for Young Learners

Christianity happened.  Superstition is invented. Libraries are burned by Christian theists, especially the big one in Alexandria, where all the scientific discoveries were kept.

Christians United for Israel’s Destructive Indoctrination Campaign

2015Summit-300x130[1]The largest Christian Zionist organization in the United States, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), will hold its 10th Annual Summit next week in Washington, DC.

Defending Discrimination: The Religious Right Is Unhappy About Americans United’s New Project To End Religion-Based Refusals

Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins took to one of FRC’s many publications to denounce AU’s work as evidence of Christian “persecution.”

When the Bible Wasn’t Enough: Sage Lynn’s Story

lightbulb[1]Meeting people my religion condemned to hell and realizing they had a better outlook on life than I did.

Atheism and Foxholes: There Are No Atheists in Foxholes

This myth tries to claim that during times of great crisis, in particular those which threaten a person’s life, it is no longer possible to “hold out” and maintain disbelief in a higher, saving power.

Catholic Church in Norway Ordered to Pay $5.1 million for Fraud

Catholic-Church-in-Norway-ordered-to-pay-51-million-for-fraud[1]The Oslo diocese, its bishop and its financial officer are accused of fraudulently registering thousands of people on its membership lists as to receive greater subsidies from the government.

Intellectual Life – Why Atheists Should Be Intellectuals

It is the human intellect that separates us from other creatures to a great extent and an “intellectual” actively and specifically cultivates this particular faculty.

Franklin Graham: God May Smite Obama With Lightning In Gay Marriage Punishment

grahamlightning[1]Graham wrote that the White House’s decision to celebrate LGBT Pride month and the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision with rainbow colors may incite a lightning strike from an angry God.

Which Old Testament Laws Actually Apply to Non-Jews?

For traditional Jews, kosher observance involves both obedience to God and identity with their people and heritage across thousands of years.

Humanist Celebrants Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage

samesexmarriage-300x200[1]Humanist celebrants continue to be an importance resource for individuals who want a personalized, nonreligious ceremony.

Why Christians Need Atheist Friends

I welcome the atheist critique in that I believe it performs a prophetic service to our generation of Christians.

Most Women Belong to a Religious Community That Prohibits Them from Being Leaders

Women2-427x640[1]Women, on average, are more religious than men. Yet, two-thirds of religious Americans belong to a community that won’t consider women for leadership positions.

Evangelical Pastors Gather To Learn Another Calling: Politics

Hundreds of conservative evangelical pastors across the country are being trained to run for political office. The project is part of an effort to mobilize an “army” to do battle in the culture wars.