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Atheist Woman Sues New Jersey for Rejecting ‘8THEIST’ Vanity License Plate While Accepting ‘BAPTIST’

8theist-license-plate[1]Shannon Morgan had her license plate request rejected by New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission website with a message reading: “requested plate is considered objectionable.”

Is the Atheist Population Skyrocketing?

A recent study on religion and America that has received much attention has been interpreted by some to indicate that Christianity is on its virtual deathbed.

Yes, Christianity is Dying, and Conservative Leaders Are Avoiding the Most Obvious Solution

V3G5WFi[1]Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, claims this is a good thing because Christianity isn’t losing the die-hards… they’re losing the wishy-washy.

Growing Share of U.S. Immigrants Have No Religious Affiliation

Our 2014 Religious Landscape Study found that one-in-five immigrants said they did not belong to any religion.

Bobby Jindal Plans to Issue an Executive Order Enforcing Intent of Religious Freedom Bill

17845932-mmmain[1]Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a statement Tuesday (May 19) saying he plans to issue an executive order to enforce the intent of a religious freedom bill that effectively died about two hours earlier, in the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee.

Chinese Leader: Religions Must Be Free of Foreign Influence

China’s president warned in a key policy speech that religions must be independent from foreign influence, as the government asks domestic religious groups to pledge loyalty to the state.

Faith Healing Kills Children

150520_MEDEX_ChildrenFaithHealing.jpg.CROP.original-original[1]It’s time to eliminate religious exemptions from medical care.

75% of Britons Have Never Been Influenced By a Religious Leader

44% of respondents said that religious leaders “should comment on political and economic matters”, compared with 39% who said they should not.

Josh Duggar Admits Molestation, Resigns from Family Research Council

0521-josh-duggar-getty-4[1]Josh Duggar has resigned as Executive Director of the Family Research Council, acknowledging he sexually molested underage girls including some of his sisters.

Anti-Gay Pastor in Michigan Resigns After–Well, You Can Probably Guess

Guess the temptation was just too much for Pastor Makela. Thanks to Queerty’s exposure, the church has taken down their Facebook page to avoid comments from sinners.

‘Spiritual Influence’, Democracy and Free Expression

350x[1]Many student unions prohibit negative campaigning in student elections. The purpose of these bans and the values behind them may be ones that we find admirable.

Increase of Non-Religious Americans: What Do Pew Forum Numbers Mean?

The Pew study calls them “unaffiliated,” whether agnostic, atheist, or the largest subgroup, those whose religious identity is “nothing in particular.”

Florida Church: We Didn’t Fire Lesbians for Being Gay — We Fired Them for Acting Like It

govatos1-800x430[1]Pastor Jim Govatos scrambled this week to defend the dismissal of two lesbian women who had said that the Aloma United Methodist Church fired them for being in a same-sex relationship.

Jeb Bush: A ‘Tolerant Country’ Should Allow Discrimination Based Upon ‘Religious Beliefs’

The former Florida governor said, “It’s not just that people of faith can have their views, it’s that they need the space to act on their conscience. That is what faith is about.”

Fr. Pontifex Takes on Atheism—In A Rap Song

Born in 1972, Claude Burns — better known by his stage name “Father Pontifex” —is a Catholic priest and hip hop artist from Evansville, Indiana.