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‘I Don’t Believe This Anymore’: What It’s Like to Escape an Abusive, Right-Wing Religion

Rio-Jesus-Illustration-800x430[1]“Reclaimers” may struggle with harmful ideas and emotions from the beliefs they once held or the behavior of fellow believers.

An Atheistic Example of Mainstream Press Fondness for Single-Sourcing

Opinions expressed by individual writers and talkers are a legitimate aspect of journalism. But these days newspapers, TV news and allegedly journalistic Web sites are all tempted to overdo such single-sourcing.

Finally, Atheists Are No Longer Just Old White Men

7a5b841a-c37b-4748-a3b0-400cebf93b64-620x372[1]Women are joining the atheist community by the millions – and they are being joined by racial and ethnic minorities.

Religious Freedom Laws: Has “Religion” Lost Its Meaning?

Democrats across the country have been critical of these statutes, arguing that they effectively give state residents license to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Why the Future of Religion Is Bleak

FT-AA079_ATHIES_J_20150423174206[1]Religious institutions have survived by controlling what their adherents know, argues Tufts Prof. Daniel C. Dennett, but today that is next to impossible.

6 Things To Expect From Pope Francis’ Address To Congress

Everyone wants Congress to stop fighting and get working, and that includes Pope Francis, a top adviser said Wednesday (April 29) in a preview of the pope’s upcoming U.S. trip.

The Isis Cult

Jihad-Child[1]Until recently, when I used the term “Isis cult” I had in mind the once-popular religion of Isis and Osiris, a faith originating in archaic Egypt, then spreading throughout the Roman Empire.

Religion Is No Excuse For Discrimination

NOW activists around the country will continue to fight for the right of all women to access the health care they need, when they need it, without interference by politicians or religious extremists.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam ‘Not a Religion of Peace,’ But Could Become One

w200-8c8e7adf53142c1247acb636aa9a444f[1]She went on to separate Muslims into three categories: jihadists, a moderate majority and reformers. Hirsi Ali said she had been a member of each group at some point in her life.

Reformist Approach to Sharia a Refreshing Break with Academic Apologists

Ahmed’s presentation, “Shari’a 2.0: Islamic Systematics and the Science of Islamic Legal Reform” before a student-dominated audience of about fifteen, demonstrated simultaneously Sharia’s all-too human origins as well as its embedded dangers.

Faith In Not Believing

482467566_[1]Local Freethinkers talk of dealing with their unpopular stance on religion, explain their own efforts to find ultimate meaning in life.

Hey Atheists and Christians: Stop Wasting Your Lives Worrying About God!

Atheists’ lives are ruined worrying about how much they hate God. Evangelicals have fucked up the country worrying that everyone else isn’t worried– enough about what “God” “wants.”

Moral Landscapes or Human Values?

coed[1]I have always been skeptical that science, as a purely descriptive field, would help us to navigate the moral universe. This feeling comes less from my training as a theologian than from earlier work in linguistics.

Is the Internet Defeating Religion?

The question was part of the hosts’ conversation over a recent Wall Street Journal column by Professor Daniel C. Dennett stating that the Internet will cause the future of religion to be bleak.

Missouri Satanist: 72-hour Waiting Period for Abortions Violates My ‘Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs’

Woman-makes-timeout-gesture-Shutterstock-800x430[1]The woman said she regards the waiting period as “a state sanctioned attempt to discourage abortion” and plans to challenge the law on religious grounds, reported the Friendly Atheist blog.

The Pervasive Distribution of the Gideon Bible Finally Stopped at the Schoolhouse Door

For the evangelical businessmen who belonged to the Gideons International, Inc., selling God was a second calling, if not their first.

6 Things You May Not Know About the Dead Sea Scrolls

hl-dead-sea-scrolls[1]First discovered outside Jerusalem in the late 1940s, this ancient collection of texts includes the oldest known biblical manuscripts, dating back some 2,000 years.

What Republicans Mean When They Compare Climate Change to Religion

Painting climate science and proposed reforms as “articles of faith” allows Republicans to avoid criticism for their political inaction.

Bill Maher on Baltimore: The Police Are like the Catholic Church

Bill Maher compared cops to the Catholic Church because of their consistent cover-ups and the belief that they’re “infallible.”