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Welcome to an almost-special issue of Evangelically Atheist!

This issue focuses mostly on the controversial RELIGIOUS FREEDOM law in Indiana, as well as the upcoming documentary on SCIENTOLOGY, “Going Clear.”

There are a few other news mentions, as well, on Islam, Noah’s Ark, New Atheism, and ancient gods. If you would like to donate to our one-person team here at EA, visit the website and click the link.

Have Faith, We’ll Have an Atheist President

jillette-700x916[1]I’m an atheist and I’m not running for president. That means my chances of being taken seriously as a presidential candidate are a bit better than Donald Trump’s.

Madison First in Nation to Pass Ordinance Protecting Atheists

As the current common council met for the last time Tuesday, members unanimously voted to make discriminating against atheism, and others who do not believe in God, illegal.

CJ Werleman Calls New Atheists “White Supremacists”

werleman2[1]CJ’s incredible (literally) slanders are far beyond the typical lexicon of neoliberal argument as we have seen in recent months.

Atheists Mourn the Slaying of a Second Bangladeshi Blogger in a Month

Washiqur Rahman, 27, was attacked and killed Monday morning in the capital city of Dhaka by three men wielding knives or other sharp weapons.

Here’s One Way Churches Are Getting Religion Into Public Schools

shutterstock_225039793-701x440[1]Fueled by worries of secular moral decay, a network of Christian groups is increasingly using a little-known legal loophole to get God into public schools.

‘Sun Worshiping Atheism’ is Not a Religion, Californian Court Rules

According to Raw Story, the California Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday that Marshel Copple’s Sun Worshiping Atheism did not satisfy the requirements of a three-point checklist in order to be considered a religion.

Christians, Why Do You Need Protection For Your Religious Liberties? I Just Don’t Get It!

indiana-300x200[1]You live in a country with more religious liberty than any other in recorded history. No one is burning you at the stake, putting you in concentration camps, shooting you on sight.

Here’s a Look at History of ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws

The 1993 federal law protecting religious freedom, to which Indiana Gov. Mike Pencehas pointed as the model for the state’s controversial new law, grew out of two Native Americans’ use of peyote in a religious ceremony.

A Pagan Lawyer’s Take on Indiana’s “Religious Right to Discriminate Law”

1796767_10152786754826194_1250168601354739685_o-1024x681[1]Protected discrimination theoretically includes not only discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but also discrimination against those of other religions.

Michigan Could Follow Indiana on Religious Freedom Legislation

Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation was introduced in Lansing this year after a similar house bill never made it to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk.

Hoosiers, Hate, and Homosexuality

pence-religious-liberty[1]Many liberals have condemned Indiana’s new religious liberty law as a thinly veiled attack on LGBT rights. Not so fast, says Boston University’s Stephen Prothero.

Texas Has Its Own Religious Freedom Law

The Texas Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, or RFRA, prohibits government from infringing on religion.

“Religious Freedom” = Religious Bigotry

stoning-religion-iran-stoned-for-being-emo[1]“Religious Freedom” is the god given right to be a full on, unadulterated, shameless hateful BIGOT.  So, just say it jackasses.  Just say the words.  “I hate fags.  They are sub-human and must die.”

Activists Are Clear on One Thing: Scientology Better Start Paying Taxes

RTR34K5O[1]A new petition calls for the IRS to revoke the Church of Scientology’s tax-exempt status.

HBO’s Scientology Exposé Shows the Cult Is Much Crazier and More Ruthless Than You Might Imagine

Director Alex Gibney lifts the lid on an international racket steeped in mystery.

Cults and Religions

CRUISEMany consider Scientology to be a cult and not a religion, but I find the differences between the two concepts to be pretty blurry.

The Decline and (Probable) Fall of the Scientology Empire

With the aid of the Internet, those inside and outside the organizations that make up the Church of Scientology can easily find and communicate with each other, and realize that there are others who share their views and concerns.

16 Shocking Allegations In Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’

L Ron HubbardThe Church of Scientology has long been a controversial institution among both the religious community and entertainment business.

400+ Catholic and Evangelical Leaders Want to Kill the Death Penalty

The letter follows a similar call by the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, which recently became the first national evangelical group to publicly call for an end to capital punishment.

ISIS Is Islam

isis-is-islam-blog[1]Muhammad ordered the deaths of numerous people who had crossed him and his religion, whether the victim’s crimes were serious or trivial, Muhammad had many people assassinated and executed.

5 Ways Ayaan Hirsi Ali Has Attacked Islam and Smeared Muslims

Her entire career has been based on painting all Muslims with the same brush.

Noah’s Ark Found Says Former Scots Education Committee Member

63455-noah27sark[1]The Reverend David Fraser sat as a full voting member on the Education Committee of Clackmannanshire County Council.

Did Arsenic Poisoning Make Gods Limp?

Vulcan was the big and muscly Roman god of fire and metal workers. Just like most of the gods (and many metal workers) he was impressively built.