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Who Are America’s Atheists and Skeptics? Study Seeks Answers

irreligion-in-america[1]Over the past year, Barna Group said it has spent a considerable amount of time studying the unchurched – those who have not attended church within the past six months.

Atheism as Intellectual Snobbery?

The fact is that religious belief declines with educational attainment, particularly with scientific education. Studies also show that religious belief declines among those with higher IQs.

Eyes Wide Shut: A Response to ‘Atheism No Smarter Than Christianity’

news_b1atheism_00307829[1]This paper refutes claims made in the article “Atheism no smarter than Christianity” by Learnmore Zuze (hereinafter referred to as ‘the author’).

1 in 4 Americans Don’t Believe in God; Lack of Trust in Local Churches Cited as a Reason Why Adults Are Leaving the Faith

Barna Group has released its 2015 study on the state of atheism in America, and has revealed that one in four unchurched adults in the country now identify as atheists or agnostics.


God’s Definitely Dead, and Mortally Embarrassed

screen-shot-2015-03-23-at-9-31-35-pm[1]When I saw the movie God’s Not Dead show up on my Netflix thingie, I knew I’d be doing this. I’ve written a couple of posts about its general ideas already.

Want to Restore Morality? Encourage Atheism

Research over the past few years has found that American atheists and agnostics consistently score higher on measurements of empathy and compassion, which lie at the core of morality and caring about others.

What Do Religious Women Think of the Contraceptive Mandate?

lead[1]Faith leaders have spoken out against the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that employers cover free birth control in their employee health plans—but many of their female followers feel differently.

“Wait Till Marriage”

When growing up in a sexually uptight Protestant culture, children are typically told that sex is for when you are married to your spouse of the opposite sex and to have sex before marriage is wrong.

Street Preacher Fined for Using “Abusive” Language After Quoting Leviticus

350x[1]Street preacher Michael Overd has been found guilty of using “threatening” or “abusive” words after making homophobic remarks during a sermon delivered in Taunton High Street.

Creationist Museum Feels Right at Home in Idaho

This is Idaho, [Stan] Lutz noted from his usual post at the Northwest Science Museum, America’s newest tribute to creationism that’s only a few miles west of the Capitol dome where Rajan Zed got the cold shoulder.

Creationism in the Land of the Bible

ken-ham[1]Quick: When I say “creationist,” whom do you picture? Ken Ham, the Australian-American creationist impresario of Kentucky? Or Arye Dary of Israel’s Shas Party?

Ken Ham Rages Against “Secular Religion”

Ol’ Hambo just posted this on his blog: Religious Symbols Attacked—Unless They’re Secular Ones! Ah yes, those satanic secular symbols. Hambo is furious again.

Fundamentalism, Chaos, or Integration—Take Your Pick

river_cropped[1]Will we raise boys with the capacity to achieve harmony and integration or will we raise our boys to either reject new ideas (rigidity) or destroy anything that upsets them (chaos)?

When Jews Were Like ISIS

We, too, stoned our women for infidelity. Patriarchal injustice persists in Orthodoxy. What’s a modern Talmud reader to do?

Faith Leaders Gather at Parliament for Press Conference Calling Upon Canadian Government to Defend Religious Freedom

gI_85533_c28087ea-1260-432d-8d0a-ae47b9ca73e1_zpsxbtstg1n[1]Faith leaders gathered this morning in Parliament’s Charles Lynch Room for a press conference, calling on the Canadian government to protect freedom of religion and conscience in Canada.

The Glaring, Brazen Hypocrisy at the Heart of American Right-Wing Christianity

For a faith that professes to value “life” many right-wing Christians seems strangely blasé about children’s rights and lives.

Un Derrumbe en Putumayo Habría Formado el Rostro de Jesús

IMAGEN-15445276-2[1]Autoridades, habitantes y turistas han llegado al sitio para observar la montaña.

6 Desperate Ways the Church of Scientology Is Trying to Stop ‘Going Clear’

Alex Gibney’s damning HBO documentary has set off a war with the famously aggressive church.