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Atheists Post Arabic Billboard in Memphis to Attract Ex-Muslims

32d22ece39cdbd0f510f6a706700b317_c0-0-3000-1748_s561x327[1]Atheists’ organizations have been offending Christians for years with their irreverent billboards, but the latest is directed toward the Muslim community.

New NHS Guidance Requires Hospitals to Provide Pastoral Care to Non-Religious

The National Secular Society has cautiously welcomed the new guidance, after previously criticising an earlier draft for failing to adequately recognise the needs of patients who do not identify with a religious faith.

I’m a Presbyterian Minister Who Doesn’t Believe in God

7UO6ArJ[1]I regard the symbols of Christianity from a non-supernatural point of view. And yet, even though I hold those beliefs, I am still a proud minister.

What Atheists Still Don’t Get About Racism and Islam

There’s a fantastic post at Vox discussing the racial fall-out of recent controversies surrounding Ferguson and the SAE chant.

Rising ‘Nones’ Show Americans Losing Their Religion

Graph%201[1]A shocking 7.5 million people have left religion since 2012, a new survey released last week shows.

Is There Still Religious Freedom at Universities?

Most fellow citizens neither go to churches nor care about the Christian tradition, nor about any civil liberties issue.

West Virginia High School’s Team Prayers Spark Controversy

bus[1]School District Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin explained to WDTV reporters that no school educator is allowed to be associated with any prayer.

Most Evangelical Christians Say Science and Religion Can Coexist

Never mind the outspoken Christian leaders who reject the Big Bang and human evolution; nearly 70 percent of rank-and-file evangelicals in the United States say they don’t see religion and science as being totally at odds, a new survey found.

Creflo Dollar’s Gulfstream Jet Project 650 Grounded For Now

CrefloGulfstream-300x122[1]Probably, you have heard that mega-megapastor Creflo Dollar launched a project Friday to raise $60 million to buy a Gulfstream 650 business jet.  The project didn’t last long.

Atheism: A Path to Peace? Or Just Another Ism?

Theism is a mirror image to the term philosophy, which most often entails a set of beliefs operating in governments, science and overall guesses about reality.

Why Do Evangelicals Like James Inhofe Believe That Only God Can Cause Climate Change?

gallery-2010valuesvoters6-700x520[1]For evangelical Protestants, accepting climate change but attributing it to God’s direct or indirect intervention, rather than human activity, appears to be the new party line.

Fundamentalism and the Modern University

Are evangelical colleges modern? Or are they somehow trapped in medieval ideas about knowledge and the purposes of higher education?

Republican Robert Duvall Tells GOP: Keep Religion and Politics ‘Completely Separate’

1426772810504.cached[1]The film legend sat down at SXSW to discuss his new film, Wild Horses, the enigmatic James Franco, his move to the political center, and more.

The Vatican Supports ‘Legitimate’ Violent Force Against the Islamic State

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, who represents the Vatican’s sovereign entity, the Holy See, commented on military action against the Islamic State on Friday in an interview.

Gay and Mennonite

redrun[1]They vote on everything. They’re committed to peace. Can a church that defines itself by harmony survive dissonance over homosexuality?

The Christian Right Still Dominates the GOP — Is There Any End in Sight?

The GOP is still kowtowing to the Christian Right. When will that change?

The Horrifying Ways Jehovah Witnesses Keep Child Abuse Victims Silent

My congregation’s elders knew that there was a predator in our midst. But if you spoke out, you faced punishment.