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Princes of Darkness: The Devil’s Many Faces in Scripture and Tradition

death-and-the-devil-surprising-two-women-1500[1]Belief in Satan — the embodiment of sin and evil who exists in reality as a personal being — has been a mainstay of Christian doctrine and popular belief since the earliest days of the faith. [Read more]

Building Better Nonbelievers

At The New York Times, David Brooks candidly writes about problems I think modern nonreligious Americans seriously need to grapple with. [Read more]

Sweet Cakes by Melissa Discriminated Against Lesbian Couple, Oregon Hearings Officer Rules

bnsweetcakesjpg-e85b55c6afa7dfdb[1]Sweet Cakes by Melissa is the Gresham bakery at the center of a controversy that flared after its owners declined to fill a wedding cake order by a lesbian couple. [Read more]

Military Chaplains the New ‘Dont Ask, Don’t Tell?’

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was once a term used to refer to homosexuals in the military. Now, however, the term is more often being applied to Christians in uniform. [Read more]

Creationist Theme Park Planners to Sue State for Not Giving Them Free Money

???????????????????????????????????????Ken Ham is doing the only logical Old Testament Christian thing. He’s gonna sue their asses off for not letting him discriminate. [Read more]

Among Young Christians, Moral Discomfort With Birth Control Grows

Backlash against ‘contraceptive culture’ prompts some young conservative evangelicals and Catholics to forgo the pill. [Read more]

Insider: House Lounge Reading Limited to Bible

635564132773136478-HouseBible[1]As for the Koran, or the Torah, or other sacred text? [David] Gowan hadn’t received any requests. But here’s betting there will be one or more once word gets out. [Read more]

When Buddhists Were Public Enemy No. 1

Today, Buddhism is the model of a minority religious tradition that exerts an influence far beyond what its numbers would suggest. [Read more]

Attack of the Mini-Jesuses

350px-Jesusicon[1]The highest compliment a Christian can get is to be called “Christlike.” A number of Bible verses seem to seem to support the idea of imitating him. [Read more]

Is Jerry Falwell an Idiot?

As do most fundamentalist schools, Liberty feels a constant need to prove that it is just as good, intellectually, as mainstream universities. [Read more]

Female Jihadis Publish Guide to Life Under Islamic State

1000[1]English translation of Isis women’s manifesto is published by all-female al-Khanssaa Brigade. [Read more]

Widespread Concerns About Extremism in Muslim Nations, and Little Support for It

The horrific murder of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh has generated shock and outrage around the globe. And if recent history is a guide, this brutal act will only deepen opposition to ISIS. [Read more]

Joshua Harris Kisses Nondenominational Evangelicalism Good-Bye?

KissedDatingGoodBye[1]The essence of nondenominational evangelicalism is its tendency to be defined by inspirational celebrities and the media products that they produce. [Read more]

10 Reasons Jesus Would (Probably) Be An Outcast In Today’s Church

My pastor does a pretty good job of providing context when he preaches, but I just can’t help searching for more. [Read more]

10 Odd Things You Can Buy From Monks

bonsai-monk[1]Everyone knows you can buy cheese, fruitcake, and really good beer from monks, but those aren’t the only businesses that these holy men dabble in. [Read more]

Francis Tells Bishops to Back ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Sexual Abuse

The pope’s letter, which is addressed to bishops’ conferences and to the superiors of religious orders, comes on the eve of the first plenary meeting of the Vatican’s Commission for the Protection of Minors. [Read more]

AFA Repudiates Bryan Fischer’s Crazy Talk, Fires Him As Spokesman

bryan[1]The American Family Association (AFA) has finally distanced itself from many of the bigoted comments made by Bryan Fischer. [Read more]

NY Pastor: Justin Bieber is Trans and ‘Cut Off His Breasts’ Because Obama’s ‘Evil Spirits’ Misled Him

A New York pastor warned recently that President Barack Obama and other leaders were convincing young girls — like pop singer Justin Bieber — to become transgender. [Read more]

“What Have You Done Lately?”: Dawkins Talks to God

We heard Stephen Fry’s response when asked what he’d say to God were he to meet Him, but Richard Dawkins actually got the chance.

[Read more]