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After Charlie Hebdo, Balancing Press Freedom and Respect for Religion

PJ_15.01.28_charlieHebdo-01[1]Majority Says Publishing Cartoons Was ‘Okay,’ But About Half of Non-Whites Say ‘Not Okay’ [Read more]

What We Can Learn About Atheists from Atheist-Whisperer Bo Wagner

Last time we talked, we covered a “satirical” straw man essay written by a Baptist pastor, Bo Wagner, about a fictional atheist. [Read more]

Would You Vote For An Atheist?

AP202831511297-edit-592x323[1]A 2011 Gallup poll reported that, for the first time, a majority of Americans said they would vote for a “well-qualified” atheist to be president. [Read more]

Couple Raises Funds for ‘In God We Trust’

A Klamath County couple wants to ensure the words “In God We Trust” are put on the wall of the Klamath County Commissioners hearing room. [Read more]

Does The Good Touch-Bad Touch Talk Belong in Religion Class?

b5ab7edd4587faf1c8f56b272316cd611fc19caf[1]Some parents are opting out because they feel it has no place in religion class and that discussing the sensitive topic could put ideas and images in their children’s minds. [Read more]

Is Religion the Problem?

Richard Dawkins wrote an essay for London’s Guardian newspaper in which he compared the religious conditioning of the 9/11 hijackers with B. F. Skinner’s WWII research on pigeon-guided missiles. [Read more]

Montana Creationism: New Bill for 2015

clayton-fiscus[1]Montana didn’t have a creationism bill last year, but they did the year before — see Montana Creationism: A Bill for 2013. [Read more]

Billy Graham’s Son Is One of America’s Most Dangerous Islamophobes

Why should you be interested in the ongoing prattling of the Rev. Franklin Graham? Let me count the ways. [Read more]

Churches Could See Tax-Free Rent Under Legislation

635579740199739001-phxdc5-6ik5c94fug91h059xip-original[1]Religious organizations could be in line for tax-free rent under a bill similar to legislation vetoed last year. [Read more]

Christian Pastor Says Aborted Fetuses Go to Hell and Wives Should Acquiesce to Sex Even if They Don’t Want To

If abortion sent babies to heaven, we’d have to abort even more of them, and that wouldn’t make any sense… so checkmate, atheists! [Read more]

First Church of England female bishop ordination, ‘historic moment’ says Catholic archbishop

first-female-church-of-england-bishop[1]The consecration of Bishop Libby Lane on January 26 is part of the “the presence, the witness and the work of women” as bishops within the worldwide Anglican Communion. [Read more]

Pakistan: Religious Freedom Under Attack

Violent attacks on religious minorities rose significantly in 2014 as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government’s failed to ensure protection for religious freedoms. [Read more]

2015 is Shaping Up to Be a Significant Year for Religion at the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Meets In Closed Conference To Decide On Hearing Same-Sex Marriage Cases From Several StatesOften, the U.S. Supreme Court considers only one religion-related case each year. But 2015 could shape up to be a particularly active and influential year when it comes to religious liberties issues. [Read more]

10 Spain Priests Charged in Child Sex Abuse Case After Pope Steps In

A Spanish judge charged 10 Catholic priests over the alleged sexual abuse of a teenage altar boy, court papers showed Wednesday, in a case in which Pope Francis intervened. [Read more]

1 in 4 Americans Believe God Will Decide Who Wins The Super Bowl

NFC Championship FootballTwenty-six percent of Americans and 27 percent of self-described sports fans believe God plays a role in determining which team will win a sporting event. [Read more]

Eminent Biologist: Religion Should Be Eliminated for the ‘Sake of Human Progress’

wilson2[1]Biologist E. O. Wilson, who is known as the “the father of sociobiology,” said recently that the Earth was suffering “the death of a thousand cuts” because of religion. [Read more]

Science vs. Religion? There’s Actually More of a Three-Way Split

Meet the “Post-Seculars” — the one in five Americans who seem to have gone unnoticed before in endless rounds of debates pitting science vs. religion. [Read more]

Mormon Leaders Call for Laws That Protect Religious Freedom

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Tuesday for legislation across the United States that protects vital religious freedoms.

[Read more]