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Why Do Religious Groups Get Your Tax Money to Preach and Discriminate?

shutterstock_120703408[1]If your religious organization feeds the homeless, does not proselytize to those receiving its services and does not discriminate against employees who do not share the same religious beliefs as the organization, the government may give it a tax incentive for its services. [Read more]

Christianity Is Not Democracy

theocracy[1]Americans are quick to tout democracy as the foundation of freedom, while giving God and Jesus credit for it! And yet, a quick visit to a dictionary would clearly spell out the vast differences between their religious ideological fallacies and what democracy really is. [Read more]

The Creationist Dream, Part II

What should public-school biology classes look like? A couple days ago, I shared an article from an evangelical magazine, c. 1967. [Read more]

The Tax Incentive is Gone But Ken Ham is Still Discriminating

ark-model-2-e1418364812147[1]The Ark Encounter is refusing to commit to removing the religious requirements for hiring. The problem is, the Ark Encounter is still a for-profit company. [Read more]

Ken Ham: Booze, Evolution, and the Bible

There’s an article in Discover Magazine titled Human Ancestors Were Consuming Alcohol 10 Million Years Ago. [Read more]

Introduction to Intelligent Design, Alastair Noble (Review)

noblepamphlet[1]Quote mining, baseless claims, ignoring of established facts, repetition of long exploded arguments, and, at the heart of it all, a purported explanation of phenomena that proves on examination to explain nothing. [Read more]

Diversity in Religion

Particularly at the holidays, managers need to be sensitive and aware, speaker says. [Read more]

Pastor Told Gay Christian: Go Kill Yourself

1417992450050[1]Jim Marjoram said he emailed 400 Auckland churches about his book, It’s Life Jim, which details his many decades of struggling with being a gay Christian. [Read more]

Film Is Risen: A Discussion of Religion in the Movies

All Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven

popedogs[1]Some on the more liberal end of the spectrum already have been saying that animals get into heaven and others say that animals are soulless and do not enter heaven. [Read more]

The Pope’s Views on Animals and Heaven Go Viral

With my post on “The Dog Delusion“, I was ahead of the curve, though I thought of it as a humorous Papal remark that wouldn’t go anywhere. [Read more]

Glenn Beck: Making Fun of Jesus on Family Guy is Much Worse Than Crucifying Him

nD7i592[1]Over the weekend, Fox aired an episode of Family Guy called “The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin,” in which a set of characters set out to help Jesus lose his virginity. [Read more]

We Can’t Breathe: An African-American Muslim Mother Speaks

I’ve learned that discussions about race make some people uncomfortable. I don’t really know what to say about that other than the fact that sometimes the truth hurts. But that’s not a reason to stop telling it. [Read more]

Egypt’s Atheists Number 866 – Precisely

Students pray at the al-Azhar mosque in CairoSecularists laugh off regional polling research cited by Egyptian government clerics. [Read more]

Atheist Invocations Challenge Prayer at Government Meetings

The protests aim at reversing the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing that governments can hold prayers. [Read more]

10 Things Christians Shouldn’t Do at Christmas

scrabble-cross-merry-christmas[1]Regardless of where you personally think Christmas began, Christmas has slowly drifted into the bog of consumer madness. [Read more]

American Atheists Launch Anti-Religion Billboard Campaign in Bible Belt, Urge People to Skip Church

The provocative billboards, which depict a little girl telling Santa that she wants ‘to skip church’ this Christmas, have appeared in Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. [Read more]