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Sam Harris, Spirituality, and the Reclamation of “Spooky” Words

Sam-Harris-WS2[1]Sam Harris isn’t hesitant to admit that he’s embarrassed by the word “spirituality.” The acclaimed author and neuroscientist recently visited Big Think to discuss the intimate experience of exploring the depths of human consciousness through mindfulness. [Read more]

“Many of These Gods Come From Stars” The Fascinating True Story of Angels, Virgin Birth and Jesus

Many Americans have heard that December 25 was a birthday of Roman gods long before it was chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus. [Read more]

Atheists Under Attack Worldwide Says International Report

Atheist-Bus-665x385[1]According to a new report, the Freedom of Thought report, published by the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), atheists and humanists are increasingly being targeted around the world by religious and political leaders. [Read more]

Americans United Welcomes Ky. Officials’ Decision Not To Award Public Funding To ‘Ark Park’

Church-State Watchdog Group Says Project Is Evangelistic In Nature [Read more]

Atheist Requests to Lead Satanic Invocation at Lake Worth Commission Meeting

preston-smith[1]Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo’s decision to walk out of a commission meeting before atheist Preston Smith gave his invocation last Tuesday is causing a ripple effect. [Read more]

Texas Christian Fundamentalist Arrested in Israel for Allegedly Planning to Blow Up Islamic Sites

Although the news media typically focuses on Muslim terrorists, the truth is that most terrorism in the United States is conducted by non-Muslims. [Read more]

Michele Bachmann’s Latest Doozy: America Is Rich Because Moses and God Wanted It to Be

bachmann_2[1]In her wacky farewell speech, Bachmann compares House members to Moses, who is looking right at them. [Read more]

Many U.S. Congregations Are Still Racially Segregated, But Things Are Changing

Nearly a half century after Martin Luther King Jr. called 11 a.m. on Sunday morning the most segregated hour in America, two Florida churches with different racial compositions are set to merge. [Read more]

Mormon Mother Banned From Discussing Religion With Children

Salt-Lake-City-Courthouse-665x385[1]A bitter custody battle in Utah has taken a bizarre turn. A mother has been ordered by the court to refrain from talking about religion or politics with her children, who are the subjects of the battle. [Read more]

Christian Bale and Ridley Scott Talk Religion and ‘Exodus’: An RNS Interview

PressConference[1]The release of Hollywood’s next Biblical epic, “Exodus,” has raised questions about the film’s handling of religious themes and historical accuracy. [Read more]

Kentucky Will Not Offer Tax Breaks to Religious-Themed Park

Kentucky has withdrawn its offer of tax breaks for a religious-themed park that would feature a 500-foot-long wooden ark because its organizers plan to screen park employees based on religion. [Read more]

Mexican Catholics Lose Religion in the USA

mexico-catholic-Reuters[1]New evidence from the Pew Research Center reveals that Mexican Catholics who emigrate to the United States are considerably less religious than their counterparts who remain in Mexico. [Read more]

No Terrorism Link Seen in Jewish Center Stabbing

A man with a history of mental illness slipped into the headquarters of a major Jewish organization in Brooklyn in the middle of the night and stabbed an Israeli student in the head as he was studying in the library. [Read more]

Jihadism: Tracking a Month of Deadly Attacks

groups_killing_english[1]Civilians bore the brunt of the violence, with more than 2,000 killed in reported jihadist incidents during November 2014. [Read more]

Takfiri Terrorist Groups Among Top Causes of Atheism: Dar Al-Ifta Report

A Dar Al-Ifta observatory has claimed that “extremists, terrorists and Takfiri” groups have committed “brutal” acts in the name of Islam. [Read more]