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Challenge to the Incredible Tax Scam—the Parsonage Exemption—Fails

taxes-300x200[1]If a constitution has a rule against government establishment of religion but no one is allowed to enforce it, is it really a rule? [Read more]

Is There a War on Christmas? American Public is Evenly Divided

Given how much time and money has been invested in convincing people that a War on Christmas exists, we are lucky that belief in it hasn’t become more widespread. [Read more]

Florida Capitol to Get Satanic Temple Holiday Display

635533240696045588-Satanic-Temple[1]The Satanic Temple will be allowed to join several other holiday displays in the Florida Capitol this year, after previously being denied access. [Read more]

Atheist Group Files Complaint Against Ohio School District for Team Prayer

An atheist group leveled a complaint against Licking Valley Local Schools in Ohio, saying that the school district violated the constitution because of its culture of religion. [Read more]

Why Do His Critics Continue To Be So Fascinated By Rob Bell?

rob-bell[1]Countless other conservative evangelicals joined in the farewell chorus, but unlike [John] Piper, many of them just can’t seem to quit Rob Bell. [Read more]

Washington Post Seeks an Expert on ‘Homegrown American Extremist’ Tied to Christian Identity Hate Group

When the Austin, Texas, police chief this week linked a gunman who shot up downtown buildings and tried to burn the Mexican Consulate with a Christian identity hate group, most news reports stuck to the barest of basic details about the group. [Read more]

Lawsuit Threatened Over Naming Piedmont Parade ‘Keeping Christ in Christmas’

6121390_G[1]A threat of a lawsuit may have kept Christ out of a parade title, but the parade itself might be a different story. [Read more]

What Happened at the Congressional Hearing on Religious Accommodations in the Military?

On November 19, a special meeting was convened by the U.S. Subcommittee on Military Personnel to discuss religious accommodations in the armed services. [Read more]

Gonzalez: Public Institutions Should Not Embrace Specific Religions

5481139bd3b39.image[1]Most can agree that society today is bound together by unique individuals that embrace different traditions and carry diverse backgrounds. [Read more]

5Q+1 Interview: Godbeat Pro Lilly Fowler on Covering Faith and the Front Lines in #Ferguson

“Everyone has an agenda.” That’s one lesson Lilly Fowler said she has learned covering faith and the front lines in Ferguson, Missouri. [Read more]

Cutting Down the Tree of Knowledge

xmastree-300x199[1]Commissioners Kathi Cozzone and Terence Farrell denied Margaret Downey, founder of The Freethought Society, and her permit application to place a Tree of Knowledge at the winter holiday display. [Read more]

Godless Are Among Us, Even in the Heartland

That may be an indication of the ongoing stigma of having no religious affiliation, even though the Pew Research Center estimates one in five Americans (one in three under 30) do not. [Read more]

Astrology for Bitter Single People Who Don’t Believe in Astrology

3702884284_e6ce4315f9_z[1]Is love in the stars for you?  Bitter single person Bridget Callahan has the answers! [Read more]

Atheists Are Not Undermining Christmas

The idea that Christmas celebrations of and attitudes towards Christmas are changing because of basic trends in American culture is dismissed or never even considered. [Read more]

We Wish You a Godless Xmas: What’s Secular, Godless About Christmas Holidays?

Many Christians insist that Christmas is a Christian religious holiday which belongs exclusively to them. [Read more]

Texas Attorney General Abbott Offers Support for Cherokee Co. Courthouse Nativity Scene

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sent the following letter to Cherokee County Judge Chris Davis, following a demand from a national nontheistic organization to remove a nativity scene from the grounds of the courthouse. [Read more]

Advocacy Group Calls Christmas Parade ‘Unconstitutional’

An Alabama city’s Christmas parade came under fire from a Wisconsin-based state/church watchdog group, and citizens are firing back. Piedmont is a small city, full of Christmas spirit. [Read more]

Christmas in America: Atheists, the Christian Right, and Christmas Traditions

Atheists are faced with questions about whether they should participate and if they should reveal their atheism. [Read more]

Rick Santorum: Separation Of Church and State a Communist Idea, Not an American One

Former senator Rick Santorum disputed the existence of the separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution. [Read more]