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Local Church Opposes Atheist ‘Skip Church’ Billboard In Springdale

billboard[1]The group American Atheists said they have put up a billboard in Springdale that depicts a little girl writing to Santa saying that all she wants for Christmas is to skip church because she’s too old for fairy tales. [Read more]

Online Troll or Therapist? Atheist Evangelists See Their Work as a Calling

Matt DaviesMax goes by his online handle “Atheist Max.” A 50-something professional artist from the Northeast, some days he now spends two or more hours online trying to argue people out of their religious beliefs. [Read more]

The Origins of Aggressive Atheism

Non-believers are often marginalized in the U.S., which has led to a lot of resentment among their ranks. But don’t be deceived: For most Americans, lack of religion usually comes with a shrug, not a shout. [Read more]

Atheists Target Georgia Professor for Bible Beliefs

professor-emerson-tom-mcmullen[1]Class evaluation comments were acquired about Emerson “Tom” McMullen, Ph.D., an associate professor of history at Georgia Southern University. [Read more]

Philip Kitcher: ‘New Atheism’ Hasn’t Supplied Anything to Replace Religion

A recent court ruling has reignited a long-running debate among Humanists: Is Humanism a religion? [Read more]

The Dirty Secret of Religious Homeschooling

350px-Loch_Ness_Monster_02[1]ACE is an arm of Ace Ministries, which is a fundagelical Christian organization with a focus on Biblical literalism and inerrancy, separation from “the world”, and a hard-on for evangelism. [Read more]

Do Americans Believe Capitalism and Government are Working?: Religious Left, Religious Right and the Future of the Economic Debate

Americans are nearly evenly divided on whether capitalism and the free market system are consistent with (41%) or at odds with (44%) Christian values. [Read more]

Prudent But Not Puritan

20141206_blp501[1]If devout folk, and Christians in particular, take their faith as seriously as they claim to, then you would expect it to have a big impact on the way they spend money. [Read more]

Rick Santorum Lyingly Claims Separation of Church and State is Communist and un-American

Obviously, pornography and homosexuality and gay marriage etc. are not in The Communist Manifesto. [Read more]

Alabama Anti-Choicers Want to Regulate Abortion Clinics Like Sex Predators

clinic-escorts-375x250[1]People sued because individuals they don’t know are providing medical services that doesn’t involve them. That’s an extraordinary level of possessiveness over women’s bodies. [Read more]

Religion and the U.S. Supreme Court

The current Supreme Court Justices are either Catholic (Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Sonia Sotomayor, and Clarence Thomas) or Jewish (Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Elena Kagan). [Read more]

Pope Francis Loves Exorcists

Exorcist[1]Exorcists are becoming more and more important in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and now Pope Francis is recognizing them reports Breitbart. [Read more]

Atheist Zombie Mohammed Becomes Christian, Complains About Schoolteacher’s Star of David

[Ernest Perce] has apparently become an “Orthodox Christian,” and has filed a complaint against a Pennsylvania public school teacher for wearing a “Star of David” necklace. [Read more]

These Countries All Have Religious Symbols On Their Flags. Can You Guess Which Is Which?

s-SLOVAKIA-large[1]Sixty-four, or one-third, of the world’s countries have religious symbols on their national flags, according to a recent article by Pew Research. [Read more]

Muslim Leaders Face a Dilemma

Can Muslim leaders condemn the terrorism of ISIS without endangering their own lives and the integrity of the Qur’an? [Read more]

Religious ‘Nones’ Generally Have More Liberal Family Values in Areas of Greater Disaffiliation

Religious nones demonstrate greater photocommitment to liberal family values in areas of high religious disaffiliation, impacting upon the value divide between the unaffiliated and their more religiously committed neighbours. [Read more]

Ricky Gervais – Exposing the Life of a Filthy Atheist

The typical day of Ricky Gervais provides insight into the disturbing world of a heathen. [Read more]