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Famous Atheists Including Richard Dawkins, David Baddiel And Dan Snow Reveal Where They Get Their Values From

David BaddielWe asked nine notable atheists, all members of the British Humanist Association, to tell us where they draw their values from in modern life. [Read more]

Alternative Holidays for Atheists?

The question of celebrating something like a Winter or Spring Solstice instead of a Christmas or an Easter is perhaps a bit more difficult – but nevertheless I am still skeptical of them. [Read more]

Religious Influence in Schools Criticised in House of Lords “Religion in Public Life” Debate

350x[1]The role of religion in schools has come under scrutiny during a House of Lords debate on the role of religion and belief in public life. [Read more]

Update on the Georgia Southern Creationism Case: McMullen Denies Preaching Christianity or Creationism

If you’ve kept up on this, you’ll already know the allegations in the case, which constitute most of the IHE story, but there’s a few new bits. [Read more]

Pope Francis Urges Interfaith Dialogue While in Muslim Turkey

pope-francis-president-tayyip-erdogan[1]Pope Francis has begun a trip to Turkey with a call for interfaith dialogue to combat extremism and terrorising that seeks religious justification while condemning “barbaric violence.” [Read more]

Pakistani Christian Woman Sentenced to Death Files Appeal

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman who was sentenced to death in 2010 for insulting the prophet Muhammad during an argument with Muslim co-workers, has filed an appeal in the country’s supreme court. [Read more]

Religion Makes Israeli-Palestinian Conflict More Volatile

SRF.00_02_11_15.Still003-800x500[1]Recent unrest in Jerusalem between Israelis and Palestinians has threatened to boil over beyond anyone’s ability to contain it. [Read more]

Missouri Students Want Religious Policy Change

A group of students asked the University of Missouri to strengthen a classroom policy to ensure that professors accommodate students who have to miss class for a religious holiday. [Read more]

The Best Science Books of 2014

eowilson_meaningofexistence[1]On the heels of the year’s most intelligent and imaginative children’s books come the most stimulating science books published this annum. [Read more]

Creationist Wisdom #495: True Science

Power and pride are undoubtedly motives for some creationists. But Jennie’s thoughts are pure, and she has reasons of her own. [Read more]

Hollywood Actor Reveals How Atheists Reportedly Tried to Thwart Reviews of His Pro-Christmas Film

Actor Kirk Cameron is accusing atheist activists of mobilizing fellow nonbelievers to post negative reviews of his new film “Saving Christmas” — an act that he said plunged the movie’s favorability score on Rotten Tomatoes. [Read more]

Secularists Call for Citizenship Studies to Include Stronger Focus on Human Rights

350x[1]The National Secular Society has called for pupils to be educated about the relationship between equality, human rights and equal citizenship. [Read more]

Finding Meaning in Holidays

If you think that you can find your own meanings in the celebration and activities of holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you should not be afraid to stand up and try to do so. [Read more]

Guns Would Be Restricted in D.C. Churches Under Legislation Advanced by Council Panel

INV-Guns_1286926020[1]The carrying of handguns would be banned in D.C. polling places and prohibited in houses of worship unless otherwise posted under legislation advanced Tuesday by a D.C. Council committee. [Read more]

Who rescued Rusty? Art? God? Prison? Dallas Newspaper Doesn’t Clear It Up

“Lord, have mercy,” Leonard “Rusty” Medlock says twice in a profile in the Dallas Morning News. Let’s all pray the same as we puzzle over the newspaper’s article. [Read more]

Are #Christian Hashtags Rallying the Faithful Or Just Luring Trolls?

Standing on the sidewalk outside an imposing downtown church, Michael Corral carried a portable loudspeaker and a handmade wooden cross with an old-fashioned message: “REPENT & BELIEVE.” [Read more]

Secular France Moves to Confront Jihadism After Slow Start

When Guillaume, a 22-year-old Frenchman, left jail two months ago vowing to die as a martyr for Islam, community worker Sonia Imloul had a few minutes to convince him he was on the wrong path. [Read more]