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‘Mythbusters’ Adam Savage And ‘Atheist Mind Humanist Heart’ Author Seek Ten Commandments ‘Alternative’

Ten-Commandment-Charlton-Heston-movie-photo-300x187[1]The authors of a new book announce the launch of The ReThink Prize: a competition to publicly crowdsource a modern alternative to the Ten Commandments, with prizes totaling $10,000. [Read more]

Navy Appoints the First Atheist Lay Leader

This move by the Navy will undoubtedly be seen as very controversial by some people, as they will argue that a religious counselor by definition requires a religion. [Read more]

New KKK Group Claims Non-Discrimination on Race, Religion

635506323655704340-635506077581509498-John-Abarr-110314-1-[1]One of Montana’s most well-known white supremacists is recruiting members for a new Ku Klux Klan, one which he said will be all-inclusive and shows he no longer holds supremacist views. [Read more]

‘One Nation Under God’: 5 Key Pledge Of Allegiance Court Cases

Court cases have been brought to court since the 1950s, challenging the inclusion of “one nation under God.” [Read more]

Pro-LGBT Evangelical David Gushie: “I’m with You and the Church Needs to Change.”

gusheetoday[1]Gushee, a prominent evangelical ethicist, has been laying the groundwork for his coming out, as it were, over the past several months through a series of columns at Baptist News Global. [Read more]

Science in a Republican Senate: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When it comes to science (and, more importantly, funding) individual senators are perhaps less important than the committees that they run. [Read more]

Mount Vernon ISD Responds to Allegations of Religious Endorsement

5564822_G[1]An East Texas school district has responded to a national watchdog group’s complaint of “pervasive religious endorsement” in the district. [Read more]

New Poll Suggests More Americans Want To See Religion Mixed With Politics

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life Project found 49 percent of respondents want to see houses of worship express their views on political and social issues. [Read more]

Why Evangelicals Are Wary of the Government

lead[1]The subpoenas Houston Mayor Annise Parker issued to five of the city’s pastors highlight the larger tensions in state involvement with religion. [Read more]

Catholic Outreach to Gays With a Catch: Celibacy

Like the recent Southern Baptist conference, the Notre Dame event reflects denomination leaders shifting their tone toward LGBT people without becoming affirming. [Read more]

Jesus Appears In California, Gets Attacked By A Sharknado

jesusfire1[1]As the fire continued to rage, local residents looked up and saw you know who in the billowing pillar of smoke. [Read more]

Delaware City Removes Noah’s Ark Display From Children’s Playground After Atheist Grandparents Complain

The city of Newark, Delaware, has removed a Noah’s Ark display from a children’s playground after receiving a complaint from a secular group threatening a lawsuit. [Read more]

Half of Britons Think Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Westminster_Cathed_3096013b[1]Even a fifth of those who see themselves as devout say religion is harmful to society, study finds. [Read more]

Islamic State Tortured Kurdish Child Hostages

Islamic State militants in Syria forced children as young as 14 to watch videos of beheadings and beat them with cables during six months of captivity, Human Rights Watch said. [Read more]

“You Just Start Feeling Like a Pervert”: A Christian Documentary Profiles Porn Addicts

heart_of_the_matter[1]A new film attempts to show the downside of pornography, but instead revels the danger and sadness of sexual shame. [Read more]

Scottish Christianity is Under Threat from Militant Atheists, Warns Free Church Leader

The moderator-designate of the Free Church of Scotland has warned of a “sustained attack” on Christianity by militant atheists under the cover of promoting a ‘neutral’ secularism. [Read more]

Healing Church Accused of Poisoning Australians with ‘Miracle Drug’

genesis-ii-church-newsletter-header[1]A religious group that claims to have a cure for Ebola may be banned in Victoria, after its miracle cure landed people in the Australian state in the hospital. [Read more]

Court Rules Atheism Is a Religion?

A variation of the foregoing is often deployed in connection with public schools, which (in the US) aren’t allowed to promote religion. [Read more]

Meditation and the Nature of the Self

A Conversation Between Sam Harris and Dan Harris at the Rubin Museum.


Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss: Religion Could Be Largely Gone in a Generation

The co-creator of “The Unbelievers,” a documentary made with Richard Dawkins, believes religion could disappear.

[Read more]