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Political Religious Prejudice to Atheists

religious-offense[1]While the religious nones comprise some 20% of the US population only a handful of them are seen in politics. The kiss of death is to say you are nonreligious. All other minorities are better represented in politics than atheists. [Read more]

Can Wanting to Believe Make Us Believers?

In many circumstances, atheism was considered so obviously contrary to evident reason that there had to be a special explanation for why atheists denied what was so obvious to most of their contemporaries. [Read more]

An Employer Should Never Ask About Disability Or Religion. Except When It Should

Hijab.Persian_Girl-209x300[1]Everybody knows that an employer should never, ever, ever ask an applicant about religion or disability until after a conditional offer of employment has been made. And maybe not even then. Right? [Read more]

Our New Culture War Issue: Religion’s Public Role

Two new major polls out this week show Americans divided down the middle on questions such as whether they want clergy to speak more on public issues of the day. [Read more]

Bart Campolo, Humanist Chaplain, on the Moment He ‘Came Out’ Humanist to His Famous Evangelical Father

n-BART-CAMPOLO-large[1]Bart Campolo decided he was no longer a Christian after being injured in a bike accident in 2011. But he waited until last Thanksgiving to break the news to his father, Tony, an influential evangelical leader and author. [Read more]

Vatican Waffles on Enforcing Children’s Rights Outside of Vatican City

As far as I can see, Vatican City isn’t a member of the United Nations, but it’s been taken to task by the UN for covering up Church-related cases of sexual abuse. And the Vatican’s response was neither silence, stonewalling, nor even denial. [Read more]

“The Good Wife” Shows How Secular Culture Can Do Better By Religion

105162-104b[1]Pop culture characters rarely talk about religion, unless it is to wonder at the practices of believers who rarely get to speak for themselves, so these discussions make Alicia and Grace feel more alive and specific. [Read more]

The Faith of the Killable: A Faith for Empowerment?

It’s not a coincidence that, in several countries within Latin America, scandalous levels of inequality coexist with elevated delinquency rates. [Read more]

British Muslims Condemn ‘Despicable’ Murder of Aid Worker Alan Henning

alan-henning[1]One hundred prominent Muslim leaders were among those across the world who had appealed for the release of Henning by the group that calls itself Islamic State or ISIS. [Read more]

Religious Leaders Unite in Tennessee and Colorado to Oppose Extreme Anti-Abortion Ballot Measures

At Sunday services last week, local clergy from Southern Baptist, Assemblies of God, United Pentecostal, Presbyterian and Free Will Baptist churches, as well as leaders of other faiths, spoke out against Tennessee’s Amendment 1. [Read more]

The Decline of the Best

pledge-e1412638454435[1]I saw on the news that a British politician bemoaned multiculturalism and its poisonous fruits as a result of Britain (and, by extension, America) having abandoned God. [Read more]

ValueSpeak: Faith in Science

Prior to 1976, if you said “Ebola” you were probably referring to the Ebola River in what is now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [Read more]

Heaven’s Bloodlust

ISIS-prisoners[1]In the past months, ISIS has severed the heads of journalists, aid workers, minority groups, and lined up soldiers in a pit just as Adolf Hitler did 70 years ago. [Read more]

Lutherans and UN Refugee Agency Sign Agreement on Humanitarian Cooperation

The Lutheran World Federation and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide assistance to internally displaced persons and refugees. [Read more]

Creationism: Belief That God Created The Earth Threatens Human Rights, Says Expert

Evolution-665x385[1]Dr. Nidhal Guessoum, a Middle Eastern physics and astronomy professor, says critical thinking, freedom of thought, and even human rights come under threat when hundreds of millions of people literally believe that God created the universe in “six days” and Adam from nothing. [Read more]

If Only Men Endured What Women Experience: Purity Control and Science-Free Sex Education

As state after state strips women of their access to abortion and the US supreme court rules to strip women of access to contraception, it seems only fair that men should be “helped” in the same way that women have been “helped” all these years. [Read more]

FFRF: Church-Funded Bible Class in NC Public Schools Teaches Kids 7-Day Creation is ‘Literal Fact’

shutterstock_132618371-2-800x430[1]WBTV reported last week that the FFRF had sent a letter to the district informing them of a “serious constitutional violation” after learning that at least three schools — Cleveland, Woodleaf, and Mount Ulla Elementary — were providing weekly 45-minute Bible classes. [Read more]

Ex-ACE Students Have Their Say

Brings back a lot of stuff I forgot about and made adjusting to normal life very difficult when I went to sixth form and beyond. [Read more]

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Display Bibles and Scripture in the Classroom?

bible1-407x620[1]Are public school teachers allowed to have personal Bibles on their desks? That’s the question at the center of a contentious First Amendment battle brewing between an atheist activist group and a conservative legal firm. [Read more]

So What Do You Think About ISIL?

The issue with ISIL is branding and savvy ideology. Fighters were lured in with tales of Assad’s brutal often omnicidal attacks. [Read more]

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of Fired Ohio Teacher

The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of an Ohio public school science teacher who was fired for promoting the theory of creationism and refusing to remove religious materials from his classroom. [Read more]

Report: Which States Give the Most to Charity?

Poor and middle-income Americans are reaching deeper into their pockets when donating to charity, while the nation’s wealthiest are giving less, according to a report by Chronicle of Philanthropy that analyzed taxpayers’ IRS data. [Read more]