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‘Godless Congregation’ Opens in Rochester

lpatheistchurchc092814metro[1]The Sunday Assembly, more commonly known as the atheist church, did not have a pastor or a traditional church choir; instead, the assembly held its first local service with an upbeat, rock band rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” [Read more]

Should Atheism Be Banned?

According to every known piece of research, atheists tend to be very well educated and often in scientific fields. [Read more]

“Me and Dog,” Moral Atheism

me-and-dog[1]The Concord Monitor reviews the children’s book “Me and Dog.” It includes parts of an interview of its author Gene Weingarten. [Read more]

Karen Armstrong Osculates Religion on the BBC

Somehow, when I listen to her, I’m sensing a machine whose gears are locked in a tendentious output of faith-osculation, a machine that can’t be tweaked. [Read more]

God, Darwin and My College Biology Class

0928BARASH-master675[1]I’m a biologist, in fact an evolutionary biologist, although no biologist, and no biology course, can help being “evolutionary.” [Read more]

Proof That Intelligent Design is About Religion

I don’t read the Intelligent Design (ID) websites, but alert—and masochistic—reader Richard called my attention to a comment (or rather a moderated comment) on a post at the ID site Uncommon Descent. [Read more]

Saints, Cynics, and Striving Souls in Apocalyptic Times

simultaneous-triple-lightning-hit-june-30-2014[1]The world is in turmoil, the grip of darkness, and it seems things are spiraling out of control. What can we do? Some people turn away, it’s all too much. We can’t turn away. [Read more]

Our 10 Commandments of Faitheism

Unless a counter argument addresses any of these often unstated premises, all it accomplishes is bringing in a whole new set of premises to be addressed, and nobody gets anywhere. [Read more]

Some Muslim Families Choose Islamic State Rather Than Turkey

yazidi-woman-worships[1]The Islamic State extremist group is known for its merciless killings, yet some families from Turkey who sun a secular way of life are dropping everything to stay under its rule. [Read more]

A Reverend, a Rabbi and an Imam Join Faiths for the House of One

After officials in the German capital offered his parish a prime site to build a new house of worship, the Rev. Gregor Hohberg had a kumbaya moment. [Read more]

Has the Christian Doctrine of Hell Become an Awkward Liability?

hell-and-sinner[1]The Lake of Fire, Everlasting Punishment, Perdition, Gehenna, the Inferno, the Abyss, Outer Darkness Where There Shall be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth… [Read more]

Republicans Rallying Behind Religious Liberty

Fighting to improve their brand, leading Republicans rallied behind religious liberty at a Friday gathering of evangelical conservatives, rebuking an unpopular President Barack Obama while skirting divisive social issues. [Read more]

Focus on the Family Advises Parents to Teach Children That Being Gay Is Sin

how_to_guide_focus_on_the_family[1]In How To Talk To Your Children About Homosexuality, Jeff Johnston argues the importance of sharing this message with children as early as possible. [Read more]

Christians and Cage Fighting, from “Fight Church” to Mark Driscoll

Fight Church is a beautifully-made documentary about why Christian men, including pastors, participate in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage fighting. [Read more]

World Churches Group Sees Its Lobbying Paying Off With Arms Treaty

arms-trade-treaty-signing[1]Churches and church alliance have lobbied and eight more governments are ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during last week’s high-level meetings at the United Nations. [Read more]

How Does Sharia Law Fit into Western Law?

Most Muslims obey both the law of the land and the sharia, since obedience to legitimate authority is a sharia requirement. [Read more]

Hindus Take Over Indian Church, Convert It to a Temple

indian-christian-conversion-to-hinduism[1]Hindu extremists have turned a church in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh into a temple and Christians say its members have been forcefully converted  to Hinduism. [Read more]

Why the Showdown with Islamic Extremists Is the War the Pentagon Was Hoping For

As the U.S. escalates its bombing campaign against ISIS (or IS or ISIL), U.S. officials seem to have found an enemy we can all love to hate and fear. [Read more]