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How to Criticize with Kindness:
Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently

intuitionpumpsdennett[1]Daniel Dennett poses an apt question that probes some of the basic tendencies and dynamics of today’s everyone-is-a-critic culture: “Just how charitable are you supposed to be when criticizing the views of an opponent?” [Read more]

A Very Fundamentalist Sex Scandal

Between 1985 and 1997, Donald Howard continued to have sex more often than his wife did. She divorced him in October 1997 and took control of the company. This is common knowledge among anyone close to ACE. [Read more]

What Leaving My Religion Did for Me

bucketlistbandd[1]People often ask me if my life is better now that I’ve left my religion.  My honest answer is that it’s a mixed bag. [Read more]

Does Religion Have Too Much or Too Little Influence on Politics?

The influence of religion on American politics is a topic of much debate and Americans seem fairly equally divided on the subject — about one-third each believe that religion has too much, too little, or the right amount of influence. [Read more]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Draws Criticism from Fellow Atheists at Yale

7th edition of the Festival of Literature“We do not believe Ayaan Hirsi Ali represents the totality of the ex-Muslim experience,” members of Yale Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics posted on Facebook Friday (Sept. 12). [Read more]

Is the State a Religious Actor in Deeming Teen’s Crotch-Rubbing of Jesus Statue Illegal?

This week, controversies emerged involving both a statue of Satan and a statue of Jesus, a “tale of two statues” that raises interesting questions about how objects come to be regarded as sacred. [Read more]

Another Mega Church Implodes

1410692982681.cached[1]Once one of America’s fastest growing churches, Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, announced this week the closing of three locations and warned that another would be closed if donations fail to increase. [Read more]

Thanks, Tony Perkins, for Defending Those Violent Jewish-y Parts of the Bible

Apart from being wildly impertinent (and if we wanted to be impertinent toward propagandistic ends we could, say, point out that the Gideons don’t appear to allow women as members) there’s this: In a wild misrepresentation of the Old Testament… Say what? [Read more]

Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon

ISIL takes Turkey govt. hostage: Terrorists raises flag at Turkish borderAs an atheist, I cannot help wondering when this scrim of pretense and delusion will be finally burned away—either by the clear light of reason or by a surfeit of horror meted out to innocents by the parties of God. [Read more]

Americans United, Allies Ask Federal Appeals Court To Strike Down Texas’ Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Marriage Prohibition Is Unconstitutionally Based On Religion, Church-State Watchdog Says. [Read more]

Marriage is for Everybody, Says Former Anti-Gay Evangelical

Screen-Shot-2014-09-15-at-7.07.14-PM[1]Mark Achtemeier has been a minister with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) since 1984, and for much of his ministry he characterized himself as a “conservative anti-gay activist.” [Read more]

Penn State University Pulling Gideon Bibles From Guest Rooms Following Complaint

Pennsylvania State University is pulling Gideon Bibles from its guest rooms and moving them to its libraries and other public spaces following a complaint from a prominent atheist activist organization. [Read more]

Religion and the Causes of Terror

Screen-Shot-2014-09-11-at-3.56.44-PM[1]If you were to look at a map of suicide bombings, you would see it almost exclusively overlap with geopolitical conflicts in a small part of the globe. [Read more]

If ISIS Is Not Islamic, Then the Inquisition Was Not Catholic

As ISIS slaughters its way though Syria and Iraq, it became inevitable that we’d hear from apologists who claim that ISIS is not in fact “true Islam,” and that its depredations are due to something other than religious motivation. [Read more]

Texas Textbooks Butcher Climate Change Coverage—In Social Studies

1796600938_590d49e9ed_o-640x480[1]In three cases, the textbooks seem to confuse climate change and ozone depletion. One implies that it’s the loss of the ozone layer that’s leading to the planet’s warming by letting more sunlight in. [Read more]

LGBT-Friendly Church is Not “Christian” Enough?

The latest insult to my self-claimed Christianity came in the form of a website that lists LGBT-friendly churches around the US I had submitted my congregation, Jubilee! Circle in Columbia, S.C., to be listed in the database, since I consider us an LGBT-friendly Christian congregation. [Read more]

Let Us Now Praise Wealthy Men? Structural Poverty, Religiously (Re)Considered

buffett[1]Joerg Rieger, a leading theological thinker in relation to economic injustice, is also a principal presenter at a forthcoming conference in Houston that seeks to galvanize a stronger and religiously-infused bottom-up justice movement. [Read more]

Ray Comfort’s Latest Movie

This is difficult to believe, but it’s been a year since we had a post about Ray Comfort. That was WorldNetDaily Goes Wild Over Ray Comfort. [Read more]

Hard Questions We’re Not Asking Pope Francis

2014002-Allen-Hard-Questions-3C-717x450[1]Pope Francis is an undeniably attractive figure whose concern for people at society’s margins can be awesome to behold. As a result, it’s almost impossible sometimes not to go soft on the man. [Read more]

Understanding Revelations in the Bible

What does historical Bible study have to say about gospel meaning and understanding revelations in the Bible? [Read more]

Bryan Fischer Calls For Atheists To Be Banned From Serving In The Armed Forces

Bryan Fischer asserts that atheists should be prohibited from serving in all branches of the military because “there is no place in the United States military for those who do not believe in the Creator who is the source of every single one of our fundamental human and civil rights.”

[Read more]

Kirk Cameron Has A Serious Crock-O-Duck Problem

Kirk Cameron and his pal Ray Comfort posted a video they thought for sure would finally debunk the foolishness that is evolution.

[Read more]