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Homegrown Radicalization: How America Has Become a Breeding Ground for Religious Extremists

radicalization-300x199[1]Recently, a U.S. citizen by the name of Douglas McArthur McCain was killed in Syria while fighting on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and just simply the Islamic State. [Read more]

ISIS vs. Mainstream Muslims: The Media War

The challenge was directed at the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But the impassioned message, laced with Islamic phrases, sought a much wider audience. [Read more]

Why All of the Atheists in Congress Are Closeted

Godless BillboardOutside of prominent roles in television or the music industry, being elected to national office is often one of the most visible steps a minority group can take to win acceptance in American society. [Read more]

Who’s Afraid of a (Mostly) Fictional Bible?

Christians who pick and choose what to believe in the Bible may be on a slippery slope to secular humanism — and that’s just fine by me. [Read more]

An Atheist for Congress?

140831134329-james-woods-congress-story-top[1]This fall, for the first time in U.S. history, an openly atheist candidate is running for Congress. James Woods is fighting an uphill battle as a Democrat seeking to represent the very Republican 5th Congressional District in Arizona. [Read more]

Some Christians Arm As Midea Perils Mount

Every day around sunset, dozens of residents of this small Lebanese Christian village on the border carry their automatic rifles and deploy on surrounding hills, taking up positions and laying ambushes in case Muslim extremists from neighboring Syria attack. [Read more]

5 Ways the U.S. Enabled the Radical Islamic State

shutterstock_141133117[1]In fulfilling the terrorists’ dream — transforming into a state with an army — ISIS, now the Islamic State, has become the stuff of nightmares for much of the Middle East and the West. [Read more]

Group: Airman Denied Reenlistment for Refusing to Say ‘So Help Me God’

An atheist airman at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada was denied reenlistment last month for refusing to take an oath containing “so help me God,” the American Humanist Association said Thursday. [Read more]

Buddhist Temple Seeks Brand Builders – Kung Fu Skills Not Essential

Monks from Shaolin temple rehearse a dance for the annual Singapore arts festival.Help wanted: ancient Buddhist temple famed for its kung fu monks seeks media directors to build brand. English and social media skills required. Not necessary to be a monk, practise martial arts or eat vegetarian. [Read more]

Mother of Higgs Boson Found in Superconductors

A weird theoretical cousin of the Higgs boson, one that inspired the decades-long hunt for the elusive particle, has been properly observed for the first time. [Read more]

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Urges Christians to Convert Atheist Friends with Nicolas Cage Movie

Wilie-Robertson-615x345[1]Willie Robertson recorded a short promotional video that was posted Friday morning to the Facebook page set up for “Left Behind,” an upcoming feature film based on the popular religion-themed book series that depicts the end times. [Read more]

The Humanevangelist: Humanists Against Human Nature

Following the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown, Ferguson feels like Watts all over again—not just in the lingering violence, but in the waves of vile racism that have reverberated across right-wing media ever since. [Read more]

The Devil, You Say? Satanists Say They’re Peaceful Sect

1410051251000-DFP%20Satanic%20Temple%20(3).JPG[1]The Satanic Temple on Saturday marked the launch of its first chapter outside New York. But leaders say they don’t worship Satan. They don’t practice cannibalism, or sacrifice people or animals. [Read more]

Where College Football is a Religion, and Religion Shapes College Football

Hugh Freeze takes his seat near the back of the Mississippi football meeting room, and from here, with his three daughters sitting to his left, the Rebels coach can see everything. [Read more]

Under What? Poll: One-Third of Americans Want God Out of Pledge

A survey from the American Humanist Association found that one-third would like “under God” removed, after being told those words were not part of the original text. [Read more]

Car Dealership Manager Claims He Was Fired After Refusing to Participate in Bible Study, Lawsuit Says

15767626-large[1]A former manager at a New Jersey used car dealership has filed a lawsuit claiming he was fired after refusing to partake in Christian Bible study and prayer meetings mandated by the owner, according to a report from the NJ Law Journal. [Read more]

Oklahoma Woman Claims Spaghetti Strainer as Religious Headwear in License Picture

An Oklahoma woman has a unique driver’s license photo that showcases her religious freedom. Shawna Hammond wore a spaghetti strainer on her head – and according to Oklahoma law it was legal for her to do so. [Read more]

Florida Mayor Unfair to Foxhole Atheists

gardenatheist-1024x422[1]In the city of Winter Garden, Florida, they think a religious Pledge is necessary to support troops overseas. Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta reports on the Freedom From Religion Foundation defense of a man who chose not to stand due to the continuing religious bias in the Pledge of Allegiance. [Read more]

A Field Guide to Pagan Leadership

Perhaps identifying and acknowledging the importance of the many categories of Pagan leadership will allow for an appropriate expansion in the definition of leadership and thus allow for a move toward an appropriate division of labor and acknowledgment of each participant’s leadership in their own sphere of excellence? [Read more]

SLO Atheists to Partake in City Council Invocations

images-150x150[1]A San Luis Obispo atheist organization that opposes the practice of conducting prayer at city council meetings will now be participating in council invocations in San Luis Obispo County. [Read more]

Loose Muslims Vs. Moderate Muslims

Yes, there are many Muslims who drink alcohol, wear no hijab or defy the hijabi norms or wear a lot of make up, who have sex outside marriage, who go to parties and dance to “vulgar” music and shake their asses while doing it. [Read more]

More Tinder: Bart Ehrman’s Speech on Jesus at the FFRF Regional Convention

I am not completely down with his views on atheism and agnosticism, or with his almost cocky assurance that there was a historical figure on which the myth of a divine Jesus was based.

[Read more]