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The Apostles Creed – Revised For Humanists

image-150x150[1]I believe that we should affirm as true only those things we know with reasonable certainty, according to rigorous standards of history and science, that to cede our intellect to religious tradition is to allow ourselves to be manipulated by those who benefit from our credulity. [Read more]

Five Reasons to Suspect Jesus Never Existed

For over 200 years, a wide ranging array of theologians and historians—most of them Christian—analyzed ancient texts, both those that made it into the Bible and those that didn’t, in attempts to excavate the man behind the myth. [Read more]

5 Books All Atheists and Other Outsiders Should Read

RL3176_1[1]Each of the books below changed my worldview and my way of thinking to varying degrees. They are listed in the order I read them. [Read more]

No Reason to Believe in Gods: Without Good Reasons, Belief is Impossible

Since the burden of support (or proof, depending on the nature of the claim) lies first and foremost with those making the positive assertion — the theistic, religious believers who say their god exists — non-believers don’t need reasons not to believe. [Read more]

Fascinating Journey: How a Former Texas Conservative Operative Left the Religious Right

elaine_white[1]Elaine White was once in the inner circle of political power in the second-largest state in the nation. Then a crisis of faith changed all that. [Read more]

Americans United, Allies File Suit Against Florida Private School Tax-Credit Program

Plan Violates State Constitution And Should Be Struck Down, Church-State Watchdog Says. [Read more]

‘God’ of Facebook Crowdfunds Westboro Billboards

14971586632_e438f81c6f[1]The brain behind Facebook’s popular ‘God’ humor page has crowdfunded over $US40,000 in a campaign to erect pro-gay billboards in the home town of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. [Read more]

Kevin Sorbo And Rick Wiles Agree: Atheists Are Angry Because They Know God Exists

D-list actor Kevin Sorbo recently had a leading role in the right-wing Christian film “God Is Not Dead,” in which he played a smug atheist college professor who seeks to destroy the faith of his students. [Read more]

Where Does Marriage Go From Here?

bt-marriage[1]It has been amusing listening to the religious right’s argument that marriage must be between a man and woman for one simple reason: the institution itself has been crumbling for decades. [Read more]

Checking In on the Town of Greece

The new prayer policy limits the invocation before public meetings to individuals who represent “assemblies with an established presence in the town of Greece that regularly meet for the primary purpose of sharing a religious perspective.” [Read more]

Why Are the Poor More Religious?

usmap-300x193[1]Based on the information,The Upshot identified ten counties clustered in the Appalachian and southeast regions of the country as the worst places to call home. [Read more]

Catholic Church Must Welcome ‘Unconventional Couples,’ Says Top Italian Bishop

“Couples in irregular matrimonial situations are also Christians, but they are sometimes looked upon with prejudice,” said Bishop Nunzio Galantino, an apparent reference to divorced and remarried Catholics. [Read more]

Archbishop Urges Vigilance Against US Religious Freedom Threats

greg-scott-of-the-alliance-defending-freedom[1]Despite escalating violent religious persecution in the Middle East and Africa, it is vital for Christians in the U.S. to remain on guard of their own freedoms, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore has said. [Read more]

I’m Annoyed By “Please Pray for Me” Posts on Facebook

Since I don’t pray, is saying “I will keep them in my thoughts” a sensible response? [Read more]

Kirk Cameron Will Win The War On Christmas With His Latest Movie

KirkCameronChristmas[1]After making a “documentary” about how America needs to return to the values of the Pilgrims, Kirk Cameron is now starring in a film about the “War on Christmas.” [Read more]

Faith is Unreliable & Unreasonable: Faith is Not a Source of Knowledge

It’s far too common to see religious theists trying to defend their beliefs by relying on faith, claiming both that faith justifies their position and that their beliefs are based on faith. [Read more]

The Shortcomings of Religion and the Coming Revolution, with Roberto Unger

Unger_Thumb_Street_Sign[1]The title of Unger’s new book, The Religion of the Future, refers to the theoretical product of a modern spiritual revolution. [Read more]

No Child is Born to Hate: Educating the World in Humanism

Human rights are violated every day, there are wars going on all over the world, while at the same time there are remembrance ceremonies commemorating the beginning of the Great War. [Read more]

I Testified Against “In God We Trust” in Alabama. Then Came the Death Threats

amandascott-300x170[1]To my surprise WKRG 5 posted a question to their fans on their Facebook page asking what they thought about me instead of the actual issue. [Read more]

The Pathetically Needy God

There’s no point in debunking the watchmaker argument all over again. But while I was visiting Creation Moments, I took the time to look at their Doctrinal Statement. [Read more]

Do You Play for ‘Team Australia’? Muslims Debate Anti-Terrorism Push

08-28-australia_full_600[1]Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a $60 million anti-radicalization effort this week. Australia has more nationals fighting in Iraq and Syria, per capita, than any other country. [Read more]

High School Buddies Followed Similar Path to Jihad

It wasn’t immediately clear how Douglas McAuthur McCain and Troy Kastigar were drawn into radicalism after their initial conversion to the Muslim faith or whether they might have influenced one another along the way. [Read more]

Rep. Doug Collins Favors Religious Constituents over Nontheistic Ones

collins_doug-199x300[1]Recently the American Humanist Association (AHA) sent a letter to a school district in Georgia objecting to serious church-state separation violations that were occurring in one school’s football program. [Read more]

The Machinery of Moral Progress: An Interview with Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

I’m concerned that many who speak in the name of reason are, unreasonably, selling reason short by failing to recognize the vital role of philosophy. [Read more]

Pat Robertson: Robin Williams Died By Suicide Because ‘Heathens’ Are Idol Worshipers

All Things That Do Not Please God

Pat Robertson: Possibly Gay Teenager Will Be Straight If He Has A Man In His Life

Best of the Hate Mail: Responses from the AHA’s Letter Opposing Coach-Led Prayer in Public Schools

AngryFacebook[1]So, thank you, Gainesville, for helping to make my time here at the AHA memorable! I’ll never forget the hateful threats I received from a group of people claiming to “turn the other cheek.” [Read more]

Politics of American Churches & Religions in One Graph