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Ferguson: Why Atheists Should Care — And What They Can Do

Ferguson ThursdayWhy are some people, including many atheists, so surprised by the tragedies of racial violence—as if the United States hasn’t had a steady diet of discrimination? And why aren’t more humanists and atheists speaking out? [Read more]

Can I Be a Freemason and Atheist?

I find myself in a precarious position. I began joining the Freemasons before I de-converted from Christianity. [Read more]

How Hedonistic is Humanism?

hedonism-300x199[1]Assuming some sort of ultimate moral authority, pundits from Bill O’Reilly to Glenn Beck to Sean Hannity to Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh all glibly characterize contemporary humanism as bereft of any acceptable (i.e., God-approved) system of ethics. [Read more]

Critiques of Secularism: Common Religious, Christian Objections to Secularism

Secularism had not always been regarded as a universal good. There are many who fail to find secularism and the process of secularization to be beneficial. [Read more]

Megapastor Mark Driscoll Charged With Abusive Conduct By 21 Former Mars Hill Pastors

n-MARS-HILL-CHURCH-large[1]Twenty-one former Mars Hill Church pastors have filed charges against Seattle megachurch founder Mark Driscoll, saying that he has engaged in a pattern of abusive and intimidating conduct and has not changed. [Read more]

Americans United Welcomes Obama Administration’s Fix On Birth Control Access

Church-State Watchdog Group Says Latest Effort At Accommodation May Not Resolve Controversy. [Read more]

Mental Illness: It’s Not Just in Our Brains

Wild-Depression-300x213[1]First, disclaimers: unlike some other critics of psychiatry, I don’t deny that mental illness is real. I also don’t deny that brain chemicals play a major role in it. [Read more]

How Open Should Christians Be to the “Paranormal?”

American popular culture loves the paranormal and almost anything can be lumped into that category and depicted for entertainment. [Read more]

Are “Sinners” Spreading the Ebola Virus?

Ebola_Image_2-300x248[1]Last week, the Liberian Council of Churches announced that the virus was punishment from God for sins such as homosexuality, and that individuals should fast and pray for forgiveness in order to combat the spread of the disease. [Read more]

Isn’t Atheism the Same as Communism? Doesn’t Atheism Lead to Communism?

A common complaint made by theists, typically those of the fundamentalist variety, is that atheism and/or humanism are essentially socialist or communist in nature. [Read more]

8 Most Homophobic Religious Protest Signs

ghf_apparel_for_kids[1]These hateful homophobic church signs are made not by clergy, but rather the flocks they shepherd: Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. [Read more]

Pakistani Mob Kills Woman and Girls over Blasphemous Facebook Post

A woman and her granddaughters were killed by a Pakistani mob in late July after one member of her sect was accused of posting sacrilegious material on Facebook. [Read more]

Tell Us How You Would Upgrade Your Brain

B691448B-54A0-41B5-88573061C0AB44BF_article[1]Scientists are developing brain-tinkering technologies that can not only make us more alert but fundamentally alter how we think, feel and behave. [Read more]

Google Aims to Archive All Human Knowledge

According to an intriguing report in New Scientist, Google is building a next-generation information database called Knowledge Vault that’s designed to index and store what we can reasonably term facts. [Read more]

5 Myths You Probably Believe About Major Religions

As a comedy website, we tend to stay away from too much talk about religion. Sure, we’ll run the occasional article about Jesus riding dragons. [Read more]

A Pastor And Her Food Truck

foodtruck[1]Margaret Kelly is this pastor’s name and she leads an Evangelical Lutheran congregation in St. Paul, Minnesota. Turns out Rev. Kelly has a background as a former French chef. [Read more]

Are Paranormal Beliefs Similar to Religious Beliefs?

Is there a real connection between religion and belief in the paranormal? Some, particularly adherents of various religious faiths, will often argue that the two very different types of beliefs. [Read more]

5 Cheap Magic Tricks Behind Every Psychic

22753[1]If you want to follow their lead, allow me to present five things you must do if you want to use your cheap magician skills to convince the world you have real psychic powers. [Read more]

Real Chompers! Jesus Statue Has Human Teeth

x-ray-jesus[1]A Jesus statue that has lived an unassuming life in a small town in Mexico for the last 300 years has been hiding a strange secret: real human teeth. [Read more]

ICR Does Real Scientific Research?

There’s no one we’d rather hear from on that question than ICR. Their article is written by Brian Thomas. [Read more]

My Brothers Tried To Inappropriately Convert Me

1614.071513Saatchi[1]I am an artist with a Brain Injury Disability and on August 8th, 2014 my born again christian brothers tried to convert me to their religion. [Read more]

Born to Doubt?

I haven’t actually de-converted from anything since I doubt very much that I had a lot of faith in the first place. [Read more]

The Military Diminishment of Judaism

JWPT_ShalomGoldman_bio[1]In our time, Judaism, in all of its magnificent complexity and subtlety, has been reduced to supporting “team Israel” — whatever its policies or methods. [Read more]

Judaism’s Future: The Blessing of Continuous Assimilation

When people are busy in the present doing what they love, or otherwise feel compelled to do, they tend to worry less about its future. [Read more]

Why Everyone Freaked Out Over a Book Teaching Kids About Sex

shutterstock_127482728[1]As we reported last week, a California school district pulled a health book featuring a chapter on sex after parental protest. [Read more]

September Webinar – Creating Atheists: The Manual – with Peter Boghossian and Richard Carrier

Richard Carrier is moderating a special webinar about A Manual for Creating Atheists, with author Peter Boghossian visiting for the second half of this September course. [Register Here]