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Common Core Opposition Bill Won’t Limit Foreign Authors — Or Teaching of Creationism and ‘Intelligent Design’

15578089-mmmain[1]The limit on modern and foreign authors was an unintended “drafting error” in a bill that would kill the Common Core educational standards and create new ones for Ohio, the bill’s sponsor said today. [Read more]

Flaws in Reasoning and Arguments: Avoiding the Question

When trying to make a case for some position or idea, we frequently encounter questions which challenge the coherency or validity of that position. [Read more]

Burying Your Dead Without Religion

lead[1]The proportion of Americans who don’t identify with a specific faith is growing. What does this mean for the future of funeral rites? [Read more]

Non-Christians Need Not Apply

The Ark Encounter is in the process of reapplying for a state tax incentive of more than $18 million. [Read more]

Wasting Your Life Away

butterfly[1]One of the biggest issues I have with 21st Century Christianity deals with how it focuses on living for the future as opposed to living in the present moment. [Read more]

Why Does the Left Oppose Criticism of Religion?

Too often people on the left adopt the role of religious apologist, both attacking critics of religion and defending religion itself. [Read more]

Church Launches Bitter Attack on PM’s ‘Incoherent’ Middle East Policy

David CameronBishop of Leeds slams failure over Islamist extremism in scathing letter backed by the archbishop of Canterbury. [Read more]

Religion, LGBT Rights and Military Regimes

The military regime and its abuse of power, which includes but is not limited to the suspension of the constitution, denying citizens fundamental human rights like freedom of expression and dragging perceived opponents (mostly human rights activists) to prison on trumped up charges, made me politically conscious of the need to have my fundamental human rights asserted and protected. [Read more]

McDonald’s Murder in China: ‘Evil Cult Members’ Face Trial for Woman’s Death

CCTV of McDonald's murder in Zhaoyuan China sparks outrageFive people from Church of Almighty God group are accused of killing mother for refusing to give her phone number. [Read More]

The Libertarian Moment” Wouldn’t Exist without Religion

Most observers think Christian right ideology and Libertarianism are incompatible — because what could be greater evidence of government intrusion than interference in matters of sex, marriage, and reproduction? [Read more]

Pope OKs Protecting Iraq Minorities, Wants UN OK

460x[1]Pope Francis on Monday said efforts to stop Islamic militants from attacking religious minorities in Iraq are legitimate but said the international community — and not just one country — should decide how to intervene. [Read more]

A Response to 3 Mistakes Atheists Make

It’s very hard to believe in a divine man when you know how poop is made. The magic of humanity is gone when you  know what a spleen is and how it works. But we see a new sort of magic. [Read more]

Hooking Up to Getting Hitched: Yes, It Can Happen

shutterstock_166604291[1]Can a hookup lead to the altar? For almost one-third (32 percent) of those in a nationally representative sample, their relationship with their eventual spouse began as a hookup. [Read more]

Minister Is On a Mission to Save Girls from Prostitution

Breaking free isn’t easy. The prostitutes are generally controlled by pimps, and the business is often a gang enterprise, Pastor Paula said. [Read more]

A Clash of Religion and Bioethics Complicates Organ Donation in Israel

17donate-lead-master675[1]In the Book of Genesis, it is written that when the great flood submerged the land it extinguished “all in whose nostrils was the breath of life.” [Read more]

Catholic Barbarity in Europe

Okay, which country has those kind of draconian abortion laws (prohibiting it even in cases of rape an incest), and not only overrules a woman’s clear suicidality, in violation of the law, but then straps her to a bed and forcibly feeds her, keeping the baby alive until she can be cut open and the fetus extracted? [Read more]

It’s Theology, Not Baseball: Misunderstanding Iraq’s Sectarian Conflicts

baseball[1]Over a decade after the US-led invasion of Iraq, President Barack Obama has given an hour-long interview to the New York Times which recites the mantra of “inclusive governance” with no mention of religion. [Read more]

India’s Hindu Nationalists Tighten Grip Over Ruling Party

Several members of India’s most powerful right-wing Hindu group were named to positions within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), officials said on Sunday, signalling a more overt role for the party’s ideological parent that usually operates in the shadows. [Read more]

The Trauma of Everyday Life

bt-trauma-buddha[1]Like all major religions, there exists numerous ideas of what Buddhism is and how to practice it. Perhaps the hardest part about explaining Buddhism is that it’s nowhere near being a religion in the first place. [Read more]

Defending Allah

If Allah should exist, I fear that witty and incisive bloggers with sexy tans and stylishly shaved heads would do little to harm him. [Read more]

Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?

0820OPEDrodriguez-master495[1]The Middle East and parts of central Africa are losing entire Christian communities that have lived in peace for centuries. [Read more]

On Evolution, Carl Sagan, Christianity and Robin Williams

Carl Sagan, evolution proselytizing astronomer who died on Dec. 20, 1996 (aged 62), opens his famous 1980 book Cosmos with this sentence: “The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.” [Read more]

Evolution is a Scientific Theory: Evolution Meets Criteria for Scientific Theory

Evolution is the central organizing framework for the biological sciences and is just as scientifically valid as analogous theories in other scientific fields: plate tectonics, atomic theory, quantum mechanics, etc. [Read more]

Did Climate Shocks Shape Human Evolution?

Changes in African climate may have affected crucial points in human evolution, suggests geologist Peter B. deMenocal in his article, “Climate Shocks,” in the September 2014 issue of Scientific American.

[Read more]

Are We Real?

There is a fundamental chasm in our understanding of ourselves, the universe, and everything. To solve this, Sir Martin takes us on a mind-boggling journey through multiple universes to post-biological life. On the way we learn of the disturbing possibility that we could be the product of someone elses experiment.