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Atheist Activist: Separation of Church and State Protects Christians from State-Sponsored Islam

Amanda-Scott[1]An atheist college student who received hate mail and death threats after she spoke out against a monument declaring “In God We Trust” on public property in Alabama said she was helping to preserve religious liberty for everyone. [Read more]

God & Goodness: Can God’s Goodness be Judged by Humans?

It is common for Christians and adherents of other major religions like Islam and Judaism it describe their god as “good” or even “perfectly good.” [Read more]

6 Facts About South Korea’s Growing Christian Population

FT_14.08.04_Religion-in-South-Korea_1christianShare310px[1]1. South Korea has no majority religious group. Its population includes a plurality of people with no religious affiliation (46%) and significant shares of Christians (29%) and Buddhists (23%). [Read more]

Missionaries Who Had Contact with Ebola to Be Quarantined in Charlotte

Missionaries returning from Liberia who have been in direct contact with the Ebola virus but who are not sick are heading to Charlotte and will be quarantined once they arrive, health officials said Sunday. [Read more]

We Have a Chance to Save a Girl from a Fundamentalist Prison Camp

1609370_1406039861.3131[1]14-year-old Skyler is being held at Marvelous Grace Girls’ Academy in Pace, Florida (MGGA). Her parents are divorced, and her father has put Skyler in the home against her mother’s wishes. [Read more]

Suicide and Self-Harm: What’s so Terrible About Looking for Attention?

Since the tragic, premature death of Robin Williams, everyone’s talking about mental health and illness. Williams was a brilliant man, who lived with a bipolar disorder that would fuel his creativity and, eventually, kill him. [Read more]

How the Right Wing Has Been Wrong on the Question of Virginity

shutterstock_129985073[1]In the past couple of decades, the Christian right has aggressively championed the idea that “virginity”–an abstract concept that usually means someone has never had sexual intercourse before–should be elevated to an aspirational, even holy status. [Read more]

Whose Buddhism? Whose Texts?: Observations about Religious Conversations

In religions with a canon or authoritative collection of sacred texts, adherents tend to turn there first for guidance. What do the texts say about inclusivity and gender equality in leadership roles? [Read more]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Atheists Should Stop Fighting Church/State Battles Because Christians Are Persecuted in Iraq

LlQ1Rra[1]On Fox & Friends (so you know this will end well), host Elisabeth Hasselbeck ranted about how atheist groups are removing the Bible from Navy hotels and warning a Georgia school district against football coaches who impose Christianity onto their players. [Read more]

Religions as Totalizing, Absolute Systems

The totalizing and absolute nature of religion is a reason why people cannot ignore their religion and religious beliefs when it comes to developing political positions. [Read more]

U.S. Nuns Face Shrinking Numbers and Tensions with the Vatican

FT_14.08.06_priestsNuns1[1]The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which includes representation from more than 80% of American nuns, is set to hold its annual assembly next week in Nashville. [Read more]

Armageddon Gets Results; Navy Puts Bibles Back In Hotel Rooms

The presence of the Gideon bible shows favoritism for one subset of Christianity, at the expense of not only atheists, but all non-Christians, and a great many Christians as well. [Read more]

Equality & Human Rights Commission Calls for Evidence on Religion or Belief Issues

350x[1]The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched a major call for evidence from individuals and organisations about how their religion or belief (including non-belief), or that of other people, may have affected their experiences in the workplace and in using the services and facilities they need in everyday life. [Read more]

Plenty of Churchgoers Support Marriage Equality

Believe it or not, many religious communities, and many Christian churches, welcome liberals and same-sex couples. [Read more]

The God Effect

Religiosity[1]Religion spawns both benevolent saints and murderous fanatics. Could dopamine levels in the brain drive that switch? [Read more]

Uncertainty vs. Doubt: Criticism and Skepticism as Rebellion

Uncertainty and doubt are surely related, but if we look closely at them we find that they are quite different in the underlying attitudes. [Read more]

Labour Party Amends Equality Statement to Include Non-Religious People

350x[1]The Labour Party has revised its recently-adopted equality statement to cover non-religious people, having previously only referred to ‘religion’. [Read more]

Peace and the Bible: Understanding the True Nature of Religious Peace

Major world religions want to achieve peace, right? Perhaps – but before we get too happy about that, perhaps we should ask what sort of peace they want. [Read more]

NSS Calls for Nigerian ‘Witch Hunter’ to be Denied Entry to the UK

350x[1]The National Secular Society has called on the Home Secretary to deny a controversial Pentecostal Nigerian ‘witch hunter’ pastor entry into the UK. [Read more]

Changing Gender Roles in American Buddhism

There are numerous stories in early Buddhist literature about Buddha’s initial reluctance to begin an order of nuns. For the most part, these stories reflect the early Indian cultural bias against women. [Read more]

Is This A Sandwich? AKA Is Life Worth Living?

shutterstock_100324730[1]I’ve long argued for a simple definition of sandwichness and while I’ve enjoyed the resulting chaos it was never my intention to teach anything meaningful. I just wanted a solid definition. [Read more]

Schools Struggle with Religious Expression on Campus

For faculty at public schools, there is a fine line between the right to express personal religious belief and the need to respect the range of beliefs held by students. [Read more]

Christian Group Threatens DfE with Legal Action Over School Equality Standards

350x[1]A Christian lobby group is threatening the Government with a judicial review over its plans to introduce new standards for independent schools aimed at reinforcing principles of equality and fundamental values. [Read more]

Social Issues Swirl at Gordon College

As an evangelical school in the most liberal of states, the college has managed to strike a delicate balance between the secular and religious, and largely avoid such emotionally charged issues as gay rights or abortion. [Read more]

Forgiveness in a Post-Religious Worldview

Religion[1]For me as an ex-christian, now that I don’t have a rulebook to follow, I generally adopt the value of “Ahimsa” a Pali/Sanskrit word meaning do no harm. Or the Wiccan idea of ‘An it harm none, do what ye will.’ [Read more]