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I Was a Good Mormon Wife … Until My Husband Stopped Believing in God

storyimages_1338841680_singleton[1]“I don’t believe in God,” my husband whispered in the darkness of our bedroom. My breath caught, and I was afraid to look at him, this boy I met and married eight years ago. [Read more]

Don McLeroy Tells Us Why He Believes in the Resurrection and Its 500 Witnesses

Don McLeroy, young-earth creationist dentist and former head (and then member) of the Texas Board of Education, left a comment on my website a while back–a comment that I didn’t approve but put it up as a main post. [Read more]

Life in the Creationist Bubble: The Hamites Respond

ken-ham[1]Several years ago, I wrote a post that was a response to a short article written by Ken Ham. Ken loved my post so much that he posted it on his Facebook timeline. I guess I should go all-Christian here and say, WOO HOO. Getting the word out!!!! [Read more]

The Bonobo and the Atheist-Basher: Frans de Waal Disses Atheism

I’m not sure I want to provide a full, free-standing review of Frans de Waal’s The Bonobo and the Atheist, but I can give some excerpts and thoughts, especially because I’m four-fifths of the way through the book. [Part 1] [Part 2]

Humanists Provide Aid to Border Children

border1-300x199[1]Imagine that you’re a child living in a Central American country plagued by violence and poverty, such as Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras. Imagine that your everyday existence is pervaded by a persistent and overwhelming fear of fierce gangs that roam your community. [Read more]

LGBT Atheists — Creating Change is Seeking Workshop Proposals

Heads up, LGBT atheists! Creating Change, the ginormous and mega-awesome LGBT conference, is soliciting workshop proposals (PDF) for 2015. Let’s submit ours! [Read more]

It Takes More Faith to be an Atheist

fear_0[1]Do you know what? I’m not at all sure what is meant by the claim “it takes more faith to be an atheist.” It’s been said to me a few times, most recently by my mom, but I’m not at all sure what it means. [Read more]

Oklahoma City’s Archbishop Resists Satanic Black Mass at Civic Center

Oklahoma City’s Archbishop Paul Coakley has been trying to resist an upcoming Satanic Black Mass that is scheduled to take place at the local civic center on September 21. [Read more]

Noam Perel, Head of Jewish Youth Movement Bnei Akiva, Calls for Israeli Army to Take 300 Palestinian Foreskins

slide_356531_3926303_free[1]The leader of one of the world’s biggest Jewish youth movements has come under intense criticism for Facebook post which appears to call for Israelis to take the foreskins of 300 Palestinians as retribution for the killing of three Israeli teenagers. [Read more]

Movie Review: Kidnapped for Christ

Does your child ever lie or have anxiety issues? Does your child often get into fights? Perhaps you are worried that your child might be gay. [Read more]

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Dad Wants Pastors to Hand Out Biblical Voting Guides in Church to Save America

Rafael-Cruz-by-Gage-Skidmore[1]During a speech in Texas last week, Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), encouraged religious leaders to “restore America” by distributing biblical voting guides in church. [Read more]

South Carolina Legislator Wants To Force Students To Learn Creationism

Last week, SC legislator Mike Fair, a Republican, proposed a new standard for teaching high school biology that encourages teachers to teach alternatives to evolution, by which he means creationism. [Read more]

A Dad’s Open Letter to Evangelicals Recruiting Kids at Playgrounds

playground[1]Rob Watson writes an open letter to a religious group who seeks to convert children. He knows what he is talking about—they recruited him when he was nine. [Read more]

Casey Proves the Validity of Religion

We have yet another example of the Discovery Institute’s doctrinal convergence with Answers in Genesis (ol’ Hambo’s online ministry). The latest item of dogma the two share in common is that atheists don’t exist. [Read more]

The Stigma of Being an Atheist in the US

_76693363_76692146[1]Atheists in the US are rallying together, launching a new TV programme and providing support for those who go public with their beliefs. “Sometimes things need to be said, and fights need to be fought even if they are unpopular.” [Read more]

Dirt and Magic

For decades I took the Bible’s creation account as historical fact. I knew the world’s first human was molded by the same hands that knit me together in my mother’s womb. [Read more]

A Different Fight for Marriage Equality

rings-300x224[1]I’d been certified as a humanist celebrant (HC) by the Humanist Society since April of last year, but this was to be the first wedding I would perform in this capacity. Needless to say, I was very excited and looked forward to the possibility of officiating their wedding. [Read more]

A Christian Atheist

I don’t believe in god, miracles, angels, demons or the devil. I don’t even believe Jesus was a historical figure, let alone divine. The Bible is a primitive, uninspired book. It is certainly not “inerrant”. I am a devout Secular Humanist. [Read more]

Why Do Religious Groups Get Your Tax Money to Preach and Discriminate?

shutterstock_120703408[1]It’s not new for federal and state governments to issue tax breaks and incentives to religious organizations. In fact, George W. Bush and his famous “faith based initiatives” program gave certain religious organizations tax breaks if they performed non-religious duties, followed employment laws, and offered a service not based on a recipient’s religious beliefs. [Read more]

The Men Who Killed Goliath: Unraveling the Layers of Tradition behind a Timeless Tale of Heroism

orazio-gentileschi-italian-1563-1639-david-and-goliath-c-1605-1607[1]There might be no Old Testament story more popular or seared more deeply into Western consciousness than the legend of David and Goliath. It is surprising, then, how few people (aside from scholars) have read the story carefully enough to notice its many oddities and contradictions. [Read more]

The Preacher’s Solution

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Northfield News of Northfield, Minnesota. The letter is titled: Not all change is for the best. [Read more]

God is Green: Evangelicals Are Taking A Stand on Climate Change

AP692421623941-1-638x450[1]On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency wrapped up two days of public hearings on its proposed climate rule that would curb carbon emissions from the nation’s powers plants. The comment sessions drew an audience more diverse than the usual make-up of energy executives, coal lobbyists, and environmental activists. [Read more]

Our Senses as Conduits to the Divine

Could there be an inherent invitation to revisit ancient wisdom to inform the present as we navigate this era of shifting paradigms? [Read more]

Cliven Bundy: I Talked To God And He told Me To Start A Civil War

Apparently desperate for more attention, Nevada rancher and domestic terrorist Cliven Bundy claimed that God spoke to him prior to the standoff with federal authorities. As if his alliance with right-wing militias wasn’t dangerous enough already, Bundy brought God into the mix on Saturday during a speech to the right-wing Independent American Party.

[Read more]